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  1. Been ages but would love to be able to play with legit players as open rooms are essentially worthless now. I know the servers will be shut down in about 3 weeks so I thought I'd try to get my DD fix in while I have the chance. I only have the Mistymire DLC as I see no point in purchasing the rest at this point (sorry no Morrago, Aquanos or Sky City). I have my platinum so I really don't need to finish anything. Just wanted to enjoy the company of fellow legitimate DD players. My characters are: lvl 80 Huntress (dps) lvl 75 Squire (Tower) lvl 75 Apprentice (dps) lvl 73 Monk (Tow
  2. Do you want me to try? Or shall I just try to figure it out? Am I sure that this is not a joke?
  3. Hadn't played in about a year. Came back and the PS3 version is all sorts of broken. Kids running around with clearly hacked items. Characters @ lvl 200,000 Items got stolen right off of my character (luckily it was my lvl 36 character) I guess less than a month of online service left so it really doesn't matter. Just thought I could jump back on and enjoy a little bit of DD again. I guess not. Anyone else out there trying to make the most of what time we have left?
  4. Yep. Like they said. The upgrade issue. I've not seen one with more than 21 upgrades. It's sad. I'd like to have a different colored "soul focuser" type weapon but I've not picked up a decent generic version either.
  5. I don't understand. Why bother? Is it all that important to have numerous posts? Trying to power level posts doesn't exactly get you anything in the end.
  6. yeah, I wont be moving to the PS4 for quite some time. My ps3 is FINE and plays the games I have already invested in. I am usually the last person to upgrade though. I ran windows xp until last week. No joke. I just recently bought windows 7 and I hate it. LOLOL Its not that I am afraid of tech. Instead, I like for all the niggling little bugs to get worked out and fixed if they are going to be before I set down a chunk of change for it. I am also not a fan of planned obsolecence. I realize companies need to make money, and I know we all like better tech, graphics, power... But what I
  7. Not sure what the criteria was I have 34 platinums and have purchased at least $400 worth of stuff from the store and I didnt get the message Killzone Shadow Fall for the PS4 looks good though Totally feel ya. I've had my 60GB PS3 since... Well it's a 60GB so that should tell ya. I have had PS+ since the start and have spent more than I should have on the PSN. I've not received a message either. Would love to know what the criteria was.
  8. I'm enjoying it. Not as much as I enjoyed the first and second though. I guess it's because the newness is over. The addition of weapon customization is rather nice but overall not enough of a reason to say the game has improved all that much. I earned my platinum trophies in the first 2 but I really don't see that happening with this one. I haven't tried the co-op campaign yet though. I hear it's pretty good. I'll tap into that once I finish up the solo campaign.
  9. what is the RNG? I believe what they are referring to is the Random Number Generator that is within the game code. There is no "Luck" stat in this game that anyone knows of. Though if anyone actually does have a set of "lucky" and a set of "Unlucky" armor, I would gladly test with random drops. Would of course take some time and I really don't see it showing anything but complete randomness. I would of course return the sets after testing is complete. Any takers? PSN by the way.
  10. please don't tell me you wasted a 110 SF and put your stats into poison dmg.... I second that.... but to each his own. I prefer base but some people really like the elemental. Very good option for a traptress perhaps?
  11. I've been running around with a 76^ Soul Focuser for 74 for a very very long time. Haven't found a better one and I'm lvl 80 >.
  12. Huh? 4 controllers? Don't you get only one reward from challenges, no matter how many controllers? True to an extent. If you use 4 DIFFERENT profiles you are able to get 4 rewards for challenges. You cannot get 4 on challenges using 4 characters on the same profile. The unfortunate thing is that it means you have to do the entire run with all 4. You can't just "pop" em in on the last wave.
  13. Hello, I saw all reactions and it seems i got a awesome chicken pet, just got it 30 minutes ago. I upgraded it untill i had no cash left and now i spended 200m and its only lvl 46 and still 68 to go! Yes, u read it right I got a chicken pet with 114 upgrades and all stats were above 10 and damage above 250. I feel bad for the ones that got unlucky... This is a very old post. Pre-patch chickens were 44^ at best I believe. Post patch they break 120^. No need to bump such an old thread. Just sayin.
  14. I guess it depends on the run. Typically I'll check after each individual run but on Assault I'll wait until I've filled up about 4 pages. But then again... Assault doesn't really count. It would take longer to check than it would to just do another run.
  15. Wow. that's a nice Tsuda's. I too thought 125ish was the highest upgrade for non DLC. I agree that it would be impressive to find a soul focuser with that many upgrades. Just the other day I farmed a 112^ Mobile Moxie for lvl 90... Was stoked until I realized it had no tower attack :( I only have the Misty DLC so I'm kinda stuck with farming for Moxies for my tower squire.
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