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  1. This may just be my opinion as someone without Mythical gear yet, but I don't agree with trap HP scaling so low. Going from 40-ish charges of a proxy trap to 14 makes them near worthless.
  2. Those layouts look good, I'll have to keep them in mind when I get to NM campaign.
  3. Once you clear the campaign on Insane you should be able to start farming Nightmare Survival (At least to wave 12-14 or so) on a lot of the maps, you can use this to farm gear to work through the nightmare campaign. It's not easy, though it will get easier as you get more gear, you will still die often even once you're geared with the best you can get. There are always new things to learn and that's probably what keeps you going in this game. Speaking as someone that's cleared all of Insane campaign, I'm actually having quite a bit of difficulty doing anything beyond the first wave in most Nightmare maps. Considering I have to clear them in campaign before even attempting survival, I'm a bit confused by this advice, and I'd like to know what stage you think I should focus on first. Admittedly, I'm not 74 quite yet, so things may change quite a bit when I can put on Mythical gear, but I still don't see how going from Insane campaign to Nightmare survival (especially that high) would work... As for the difficulty level, the problem is that, while there's a few small spikes throughout the campaign, going from start to finish is generally a very smooth, linear progression path within a difficulty level. Sure, some of the earlier levels on a higher difficulty are easier than the later ones on a lower difficulty, but that's acceptable. Once you reach Nightmare though, all conventional thinking vanishes (Ogres on wave 1 Deeper Well?), which is why there's such a challenge here. (Plus, spiders. Goddamn spiders.)
  4. Admittedly this is a report for a friend, not me, but I trust him: tandcwilcox is using an obviously hacked weapon on his monk, with 300+ tower stats, 200+ upgrades, and massive damage bonuses at level 35.
  5. The player CptBlaino has a weapon with a huge number of upgrades (200+) that doesn't require level 74 to use. He claims to have gotten it when someone just dropped it in his tavern, so I don't know if he did any actual cheating, or if he just doesn't know any better than to not use it.
  6. Recently, the player Aldarex showed up and was very generous to me, giving me a large amount of mana and some powerful items. However, I recently found out that all those items had been hacked, and that I could get in trouble simply by holding on to them. I sold them immediately once I found out, but I'm wary of him giving hacked items to another player and letting them get in trouble for it. Unfortunately, I did not take any screenshots of him or the items he gave me.
  7. I'm fairly new to the game, still working on my first 74 character, but I've run into a few very generous people lately. One of them gave me a really nice bow for my Huntess, much better than anything I've seen, but I've read a few threads about hacked items and now I'm a little suspicious. Problem is, being so new, I don't know if it's awesome because it's from stuff I haven't been to yet, or awesome because it's hacked. The stats on the bow are: Godly Flaming Balanced Crossbow, level 51/69 7667 Ranged damage, 270 Fire damage 21 shots/second, 658 ammo +42 Hero health, +65 Hero damage, 32 Invisibility bonus, 12 Piercing Shot bonus +29 tower health, +39 tower speed, +49 tower damage, +62 tower range +39 reload speed, +9246 projectile speed I also got a dragon pet from the same guy: Ryujin, level 40/46 3176 base damage, 19 attack speed bonus, 1246 projectile speed bonus 42 hero health, 16 hero speed, 96 hero damage, 13 hero casting speed 23 piercing shot bonus, 42 tower health, 62 tower speed, 72 tower damage So, is this stuff just godly for me, because I haven't played enough to see anything better? Or is it godly and hacked?
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