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  1. There was nothing like farming Moraggo looking for that 200+^ weapon! It was like heroin on a console! For 2 1/2 years i played and only stopped because it got wildly out of control or i would probably still playing! When i finally pulled a 254^ Occulus it was like Christmas & my birthday all in one! Mean while all the other Jumbo's,Crysknife's and Occulus's that i had farmed where on displayed in my tavern for all to see and bid on. My point being....i don't know if i see DD2 reaching that point of fun and addiction that i had on DD1. Like i said for 2 1/2 years i played almost exclusive
  2. I want to trade! I want my own tavern!I want the War Table fixed! Just a few of the things i want: Hi Vern!
  3. I had the Y Axis working before the update yesterday!
  4. I invert all my games and can't play when its backwards,its just to hard for me.
  5. I have all my stuff, everything is there since i did a reinstall except the Y Axis doesn't work anymore!
  6. I deleted the game and did a fresh download: when i go to Option,gameplay to to change to Invert Y Axis,i check the box,return to gameplay and its the same. When i go back to Invert Y Axis the box is unchecked! It won't stay checked.
  7. TY....it worked! there was a price but skip that and hit download
  8. Please explain to me like i'm a 2 year, old step for step, on the ps4, how to reinstall,what to delete and from where to reinstall? I don't want to lose anything!Thanx in advance!
  9. Thanks for clearing it up RaNgErZ! please keep me posted when it opens up!
  10. where is this menu? I'm looking at the screen now and all i see is PLAY and OPTIONS. When i go to OPTIONS it gives me the choice of GAMEPLAY,CONTROLS,AUDIO,ACCESSIBILITY. I don't see anywhere where i can choose my server.
  11. I'm an american living in Germany. I bought DD2 on my US acct. and was playing with friends and family in the US up until the wipe. When i try to join someone in the US it say's i can't because i'm in Europe! If anyone knows why please reply! I played for 2 1/2 years on the PS3 with this same acct.
  12. I will see all of you on DD2! It was fun! Never played a game on the PS3 for so long,2 1/2 years!thanx Rangerz and everybody on the event team! Take care everyone and see you on the other side,DD2!
  13. I walked into someones tavern and a couple of people come up to me and i think nothing of it because that happens a lot when you enter a new tavern.I'm jumping around checking out the stuff when i notice my Shai and U Defender was missing so i left and reset my tavern!My question is.....is that possible to steal someones stuff like that or did i somehow make a mistake.( the Shai and UD are legit!).
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