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  1. zingfharn, seems your the first person to actually make a decent complaint about this... nice one... seems everyone else has completely lost faith with trendy already :(
  2. i heard the female barb is going to be called an amazon and shes cute as hell. makes the huntress look like a joke *drool* heh nice i didnt even think they would do a gender swapped barb and series ev heh :D -Note there are no gender swaps for the barb or ev classes currently. Fin
  3. my apprentice towers are so leet, im really in need of the client projectiles. but on a side note : the countess is way more cute than the huntress... one of the new chars gets a new costume with this dlc, but i really wanna dress my countess up.
  4. looking forward to the story: everyone loves an epic (well i prefer them anyway) should be able to develop a quality arc over the coming week :)
  5. give it another hour or so, and we should should get part 2 of the quality humorous story of the missing barb :D, which is ofc just as good as teh actual barb anyway, so its all good right ? but until we get that comedy, if anyone didnt notice, check it out : someone actually made a thread complaining about people on this thread complaining :D classic stuff, havent laughed so much for a while, thanks :)
  6. hate to break it to you but i think the barb is long lost at the moment, hopefully we will get the fixes and assault pack tho :D
  7. yes that did happen yesterday between us, but i dont remember it being particularly harsh or seriously rude... do you ? is todays delay announcement up yet ? this thread is getting loong and yes syl, i think everyone is aware now, youd be really happy if everyone else buried their head in the sand... unfortunately most intelligent people tend not to do that... by all means keep advertising the benefits of the warm sand tho... heh
  8. gosh some people get really worked up about what other users are saying.... personally i dont care what someone may or maynot think of me or others here, the fact they are insulting others based on their own assumptions of said others, just shows how much they really need to chill out, and frankly stay away from real life people, you sound pretty dangerous... the fact is what user A, says on games forums B, is between mods/devs of B and A, not some random C...
  9. How much must we earn to help him learn to read and write, at least as well as the majority of the internet can? my astro skills are very rusty, but according to that just over a weeks worth, i do love the assault challenges and thatll prolly keep me busy until then anyway... still i cant wait lvl a barb, i even have two 200^ lightsabers for him :D also : ssjrockyrambo glad you reached your limit and decided to post, nicely thought out post and nice read :) heh heh im junior defender already :D also : Pullin08 thanks for also giving trendy enough respect to treat them seriously as wel
  10. lol one day ? like i said im an half decent astrologer, we will see how everyone feels next week when no one has the barb still... also its a free world, why not let people express their opinions, personally i dont know how people interpret others, but i really love trendy and the great game i now have to play... sure im hypercritical, but thats just how i show my love :) im really sorry if some people are misunderstanding me, but my all my posts have the intention of giving trendy good advice - because i love the game and want it to become the classic it should become
  11. Syl, i wouldnt worry too much, as soon as the mods wake up my posts will disappear and your bubble will be protected.. sorry if reality hurts tho heh...
  12. heh, i was whining about steam release schedule before the delay was announced... and why shouldnt I ? the hidden / not so hidden "thanks/btw/my 2cents/tip toe/political crazyness" was fairly easy to spot : use one more sentence to clarify times/dates across for different zones, they are selling to a world wide market... I had a magnitude more to moan about when the delay was announced after steam was due to push the dlc out... heh you are a company selling a product around the world en mass, im giving you the respect of treating you like one, and not a bunch of kids in my class showing off
  13. you mean the 1st of feb ? anyway i wouldnt worry its not looking likely anyone gets the barb for atleast another week anyway :S
  14. oh yeah right, i was talking about the actual campaign of shards, when you click the purple bar at teh top and see the "campaign" not the challenge stuff... so it is just 4 maps for the shard campaign :S oh well im not slating the challenge stuff, i think UMF is amazing, and i love the assault stuff... i was just referring to the "shard campaign"... oh well if its just 4 maps hopefully it means there will be another 3 campaigns, with enough quest items/shards whatever, to combine to open some uber campaign with some really special item(s) to be had from really super hard monsters... if th
  15. well i wasnt trolling about mysty campaign being only 4maps as far as could make out, and yes ive seen that video quite a few times, i just can only make out about 4 different maps from it, and since the first part of mysty was released already and it had 1 single campaign map, thats just what i figured, i really wasnt trolling... however if you are thinking that its obviously more like 8 or 9 maps, then that really is good news, and i really hope you are right about that, that would make a decent size campaign, sorry if my observation skills are lacking heh thanks for the great news tho :
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