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  1. Steam ID: iaser Here is the image to back it all up, ban this hacker please. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/194/2012011500001k.jpg/
  2. Got any images? Add me on Steam so we can talk about it lol Arkemo
  3. I'm interested in the leather set, offering 400m. SteamID: Arkemo
  4. No one here can say it's hacked or not, unless of course they are a dev, or can look at the open source code and determine that. Every post anyone puts up here asking about a potentially hacked item, someone will almost definitely say it is, and someone will almost definitely say it isn't. Either way, unless otherwise stated, they have no evidence to support their comment and just speculating. My observations: - It is within the games legal stats, as far as I can tell, so it's not an obvious hack in that regard - Any item you don't loot yourself is potentially hacked, which means you run
  5. Whether it is actually hacked or not I don't know, but the stats and damage are well within the games known limits. Have personally seen better swords drop in misty then that, both stats and damage wise. You, aware me with pics of these swords :)
  6. It is. I've seen the sander guy around. When you say "It is." that's really vague LOL, do you mean hacked or not hacked?
  7. This dude dealt me in a game with this sword (potentially hacked) and gave me it, anyone got some feedback whether or not its real? Thanks! EDIT: His steamID is sander0010
  8. You doubled the image for the Nightstalker, its the same as the DT above it so you might wanna fix that. Bump!
  9. Made this thread for a friend. Looking for good resistances, high tower stats, and over 165 upgrades. He can offer about 200m per item, so the total will be about 800m, if good enough, can give you 900m. Please leave stats/images for the items! (Try not to use steam cloud for the images, it doesn't load properly sometimes)
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