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  1. I have the same problem. I have the Massacre trophs. and the NM are missing :O Makes no sense.
  2. +1 well said. I have my build and I went crazy... what am I building extra? Now I know. What's up CG?
  3. Well, I still have Summit and Glitter (Massacre) to do. So far no luck, and I have 10+ Steam friends who also play DDA. If you are feeling "charitable" lately please add me https://steamcommunity.com/id/00000265966325874anmmrer/ I appreciate some high level help. Cheers
  4. 360 hours invested and now I have LEGACY mode? Are you serious? What about the "no changes to v. 1" ?
  5. Just build a cluster of towers, works well with deadly strikes. Go on top of them and press F to boost them. In average the boost will double the towers power damage. you can test in your Tavern.
  6. mmaakk

    Chromatic Games Dev Log 1

    Looking forward on buying the game tomorrow for Steam. Do you have a release time?
  7. I remember Trendy saying on a past Devstream that "Mastery will be nerfed". But I'm not sure if it happened. The only way to find a group to play Mastery, without having a group of friends, was during Mastery release. Well, that's how they welcome New Players, welcome to DD2!
  8. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/147401/loot-hoarder This is an old Soap Opera... TE doesn't clarify why, but I believe DD2 was built-on an old game platform/net code and now they just can't expand. It is a system cap. That's only my opinion, btw.
  9. I have couple thousand hours on DD2. Since POTA introduction, about 3hrs. Hehe, it is even strange looking my Steam Library, games are sorted by "Recent". For years DD2 was always on -Today or -Yesterday. Now I have to go through -Today, -Yesterday, -This Week and finally -This Month to find DD2. Sad, but true...
  10. Great feedback. Interesting to see how OP's point of view as parents match with what the Community have been saying since POTA was introduced.
  11. You won't be able to browse/create games above your current level (Floor 2). You have to advance Floor by Floor. You also can't play with your friends if they are in a higher floor than you.
  12. Hi, mm here! Wise words M. I feel the same. DD used to be an exciting game about getting crazy weapons and pets, some very good like Seahorse or Banana Sniper Monkey. And Chicken Gun! I want the search for Ultimate+ Ultimate++ and Ultimate+++ plus plus back, please.
  13. No, all OK for me. Check on Main Menu if your Server Region is correct. If your internet is shared, maybe someone is downloading?
  14. Sorry, I don't have any, but try following the Friday streams on Twitch. TE always gives codes during the stream for followers, so don't forget to follow the channel :D
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