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  1. I'm sorry you missed your invites. Unfortunately, you will not get invited to be in the event tomorrow. We do hope to see you next week. Ok fair enough thanks for the quick reply.
  2. Missed my invite from valentine :( i didnt know it would be that early. Hopefully i can some how get a new invite or go tomorrow. Or maybe play all day till i get invited the day im assigned :/. Not blaming anyone its my bad.
  3. Congratulations! Personally if that was my knife i would throw it into dps its a no brainer if high ups and large. Might as well if you have an excellent twr knife
  4. I didn't participate in the event. Because i have a family emergency. But i stopped to take a quick look and i must say the google docs looks great! well organized and easy to follow! Glad to hear the event was pretty hard. Keep it up guys! I'm loving it.
  5. Title says all. Personally i think the pet is over rated right now, just like every event when it first comes out. But, what am i to know when i didn't do the event/ haven't seen it shoot. To me it looks like a laser robot/ skittle. What do you think? Agree or disagree?
  6. After i press multi quote i just click reply with quote on all of Them i wana multi?
  7. How do you merge quotes? I see mods doing it when they clean threads. And people doing it in the trading section. I know this might be a nooby question. But, maybe it will help someone else as well. Any help?
  8. coyote was a great host. Let me choose my color. Thought that was pretty cool.
  9. Psn: Robinhood_XD Friday please and thank you :)
  10. Was wondering same If a host happens to read this or classic can someone please clean up event thread there is some old posts
  11. Psn: Robinhood_xd Friday please and thank you If full i will gladly take saterday!
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