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  1. wait, why are you talking about my wep now? that's an old post from last month. Where even you posted in it blizt. i thought my memory was bad.
  2. 4 armor pieces, 468 cap on a single stat with bonus equals 1872 Weapon and pet are capped at 360 120 from level you get 2712 This is true pre wave 20 of hc nm mm misty. however after wave 20 (obviously you've never been there) items CAN have base stats over 400 and rarely in the 500 range with either crap or negative stats in other places. Good try though. [QUOTE]"1) We went to wave 30 once, then tried the different hosts, map builds, ect never going past wave 12." with very high stats you can't even get pass wave 12? wtf? 3000+ tower dam... nevermind [/QUOTE] The till wave 12 thin
  3. Sorry for slow response to everything but I had to work a double shift today(friggin people calling out "sick" just cause roads are icy, bah). Anyhoo, 1) We went to wave 30 once, then tried the different hosts, map builds, ect never going past wave 12. 1a) Spiders seemed to have no effect on the speed or damage output of the bumpers/s&d's 2) I have a memory disorder which is why I can't remember ****. 3) I didn't get to talk to Ty and Quarm today but; Mike did so here is the Layout 4) This works for US. 2 dps huntress (with new wep, yes we rushed the first assault map to get the
  4. Workin on the layout atm. Mike and I are putting our heads together to see if we can remember the entire layout. Neither of us good at remembering it entirely cuz were just the "stupid dps'ers" as Ty puts it. lol Trouble is Ty and Quarm dont play in the evenings/late night so we can't ask them till tomarrow.
  5. Not just squire towers, they were used for the lanes, we still used monk aura's and app towers for spiders/wyverns because they are significantly cheaper DU wise.
  6. My crew and I decided to try and do something different because of the Apprentice nerfs. So our resident tower app gave all his gear over to his squire and we tried a few setups till we found one that worked. Previously (7.15) our best wave was 25. Now we were able to get to wave 30, with little difficulty. The only things still be a problem were the ogres for obvious reasons. How you might ask? We asked the same thing as to why it was so easy around wave 18, so we decided to keep our eyes open. We found 2 things. 1) If there were no "wall turrets" in "aggro range" of the kobolds they d
  7. ^ yup. Items do drop over the cap - but only MM HC NM misty waves 29 & 30. Even then, there is usually a massive neg on something else. This is incorrect, I have seen stats go over 360 base as low as wave 18. As for the ^'s, armor can go to 255^, it is extremely rare, but they do drop. I have never seen a wep being 255^, only 254. In relation to stats on armor, because of something KwayZee said in another thread I looked to research it a bit. It seems there are different "tiers" of mythic armors. -You got the first tier (stuff you get from umf insane/early nm campaign) that has stat
  8. Looking for an Apprentice Guardian around 190^+ must have 40+ boost, positive hero attack and hero health around 100; will trade one of the two giraffe's linked. Giraffe 1 Giraffe 2 Your choice on which you want. Willing to negotiate further. SID *NOT TAKING OTHER TRADE OFFERS*
  9. send an item wich you only can accept if you send him back x amount of money. It's called C.O.D. But yeah +1 like :)
  10. #3 - I like that there's an enemy that doesn't care about the crystals whatsoever in any situation, I think it adds something to the game, and don't think it'd really add anything enjoyable. This primarily goes toward the end of waves in hc nm mm misty where the last 100 or so monster spawns are spiders. If they do this AI change it will force the spiders to actually go after the defenses if all the players are dead instead of you just having to wait for the spiders to suicide off. The added crystal attacking thing is basically for the situation where you should have lost but didn't becaus
  11. Whether it is actually hacked or not I don't know, but the stats and damage are well within the games known limits. Have personally seen better swords drop in misty then that, both stats and damage wise.
  12. How is this a troll post? I believe in the changes I have suggested. Hence why I put it in the actual suggestion area instead of in the patch note section of the forum where everyone just likes to complain.
  13. I'd like the spiders to be buffed a bit to provide more of a challenge. Don't get me wrong, they are pretty good now, but they could be better. Now a few suggestions: - Make them damage immune and untargetable* while spawning, also make it so they cant target anything while doing so to balance it out. Having turrets kill spiders before they can do anything is a bit of a let down. - Don't make their primary focus to web something, this causes them to stand there and get killed. Make their focus to get behind their target first with their jump attack or something of that nature. - Fix th
  14. It's my old wep,it is already maxed, check pic. looking for 1b. http://tinyurl.com/86y9uw2
  15. wait what? "it is ours" how selfish can you be? srsly man how would it hurt _YOU_ if someone you never even gonna play with play with your tactic? 14 years old or what? "ITS MINE YOU CANT HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I wasn't even going to respond to such a remark, but... do you expect everything to be handed to you for nothing? My crew has a strat that works of us. We literally bled for our progress, well one of us did anyway, but that is a different story. Put some time into what you like to do and you will feel a sense of accomplishment instead of getting everything done with no effort on y
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