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  1. Raknar......that squire is gross.....enough said......I think my jealousy just hit the roof lol.....MASSIVE SQUIRE!!!!! lol thanks
  2. Squire 295-805-115-140 Monk 210-635-135-125
  3. After I point it out .. just saying :p lol weirdo <3 lol better late then never lol.... i forgot lol
  4. So much competition... :/ And Raknar never gave us a thank you :( for helping him. Sent from my M865 using Tapatalk 2 Says who??? http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?66956-Thanks-to-Valentine-and-Greenhash...&p=529467[[1510,hashtags]]
  5. Thanks to Valentine for helping me from 79 to 81 and Greenhash from 81 to 83... For all who wants to know we just did non stop glitter runs, dont stop till you level lol, a level a day keeps the level cap away... lol thanks you 2, and all our little helpers...
  6. its not the size of the builder that matters.. its how u use him.. and clearly i have the best builder... raknar knows... lol you wish
  7. Seems like I'm the only one who thinks health is still really important on towers :p You Val and Rakner will have more attack on your towers then me for sure : ) as you can see or my pic i love health and damage lol... but really i love health, my harpoons at 6.5k or 7k healths its nice...
  8. How much damage did you gain past 600? Cus when i hit 700 with trap huntress there was not a big difference at all. didnt check, i have mine based of tower squire to where radius and attact rate are pretty much at cap with those stats thats why you will see val has them like me because i told her about my testing and testing for about 2 days straight and those are good there, so health i can always add more if needed, as you can see casting rate and run speed are high for a squire so i run and build fast so im good, all extra points went to damage thats why it 770, i proble dont need it but
  9. Here you go capt@Raknar, Lets see a picture of it Ok her you go buddy, highest in the thread so far... i can also mix and match because of my extra sets, i can have 30 more damage or 30 more health but that there in the picture is the even... i can take 30 out of damage and put it into health, or 30 out of health and put it into damage vise versa... thanks for your time guys... It posted small but click on it and you can see it...
  10. Glad you caught up he he he, welcome to the 83 club lol
  11. 83 tower squire here... 770 attact 290 health
  12. sorry for double post, but "Tested out paints theroy so he is right about the attack rate .50 is the same as .44 so leave it at .50" how are you guys testing this? recounted at 140 and 198 140 is 31 (in 30 seconds) 198 is 33.5 not saying you should increase the rate, just pointing out that there is a slight difference. imo, you're better off putting some points in speed (until you get a crysknife, which has a good speed stat) or some other stat I stated this in the above post, paints theory
  13. Tested out paints theroy so he is right about the attack rate .50 is the same as .44 so leave it at .50 guys saves you about 50 points... inless you can get it to about 350 then it will be worth it but with that you will have to get a 80 upgrade piece and put it all nto attack rate which will mess your damage up bad so mine will stay at 140... so it was 179 as stated abve and thats saves me 39 points, also radius is down to 115 so i have about 50 to 60 extra points, i have my run speed at 75 so im as fast as a huntress and put the rest into casting rate which is 110 or 120 now and i repair and
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