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  1. Hello! :) My adventure began with UO Defender, a tower defense game developed by the venerable Noxins, about which I heard while playing the game that inspired it (Ultima Online, or UO). It was, like Dungeon Defenders, an RPG/tower defense hybrid (dare I say, probably the first). UO Defender was built in Flash, and it paved the way for the Protector series of tower defense games, also built in Flash, where various stationary units (characters) with stats serve as "towers", to be placed on each map. Compared to DD, the Protector games are simplistic, and I always felt something(s) crucial was missing from the gameplay. Still, all the hours I spent playing these games were a testament to the humble beginnings of an awesome new genre. Over the next couple of years I discovered a few other tower defense games. Hardly any of them interested me. Primarily being a fan of MMORPGs and RPG/FPS hybrids, I found them lacking in the persistent gameplay aspects that I enjoy investing in. During this time, only one game caught my interest, and that was Defense Grid: The Awakening. It was the first tower defense game to risk a real investment in production values, and it's still reaping the rewards from that leap of faith. But, even with its engaging gameplay, storyline, and achievements, not even Defense Grid was able to hold my interest for very long. It didn't have the aspects I enjoy the most in games--persistent characters, stats, items, and community. Then, Dungeon Defenders came along. By this time, I had given up on the genre's ability to hold my interest. So it took a couple of months, until the Steam sale a few nights ago, for me to become persuaded to purchase DD. Now I'm glad I bought the game. Dungeon Defenders is a rare and excellent hybrid, the epitome of an emerging genre that has been on the tip of my tongue for a few years now. As a tower defense game, DD is exactly what I've been waiting for, ever since Noxins infused a simple tower defense game with RPG elements. Every persistent aspect I've missed in other titles has been built into the foundation of DD. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
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