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  1. Mix Mode increases the amoutn of enemies (excet for liek the first 10 waves, where they are less), increases their health, and they come from the spawns in uneven amouts ah ok :) well this then :) also Demonicgoblin if you want to gain levels, you might want to read this guide good xp guide
  2. Nice job Demonicgoblin! Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but mixed-mode on Alc Labs doesn't up the difficulty very much at all -- but DOES improve the loot a good deal, right? You might consider playing with hardcore/mixed-mode both ON to seriously improve the loot quality. Also keep in mind that having ONLY summoners as active characters means only armor drops, and thus TONS of loot to be had! Good weapons come as campaign rewards (like King's Game). well, since it only mixes where the monsters comes, it shouldn't make it harder. not sure tho, doesn't feel harder for me in throne roo
  3. I was actually going to suggest pure strat on nm if you needed a small boost in stats to be able to clear insane hc for the better kobolds. But you are already ahead of me. :) At this rate you'll be giving me advice pretty soon. Good job. if i can, i'll :) tho, did it on nm pure strat, (was told it was good xp, got 2 chars from 74 to 78 and 1 from 74 to 77) and an okay kobold 146/230/130/413 with 195 ups, my old giraffe was 205/200/237/-54 227 ups (used 75)
  4. Minion walls only? That is what I do on both insane hc and nm hc. Outside you can get by with only a minion wall on the west and north - as long as you either use the window for going inside/outside or the west path. Inside you don't need much defenses on the west as no ogres come that way. I'll go on ddplaner tonight and create my build and post a link here in case you are interested. It probably isn't that different than most, but I do use two DSTs inside on the East side since they shoot through walls and get kills that a harp has to wait for - so I think it is a bit faster. EDIT:
  5. Let me know if you need a build for it, or if you want to join at wave 28 to clear that wave so you can do your own runs but starting at 28 so you can avoid the tedious climb from wave 8. Anyway the reward is from clearing wave 35, and going from 28 to there takes about 40 minutes to an hour. So it is not horrible but it does take some time. The other stat group to look at is on your stat stick weapons. What stat range do you have on them? i tryed it today, with a build said to be for nmhcmm, but i only got to wave 21, then an ogre got past and hit the crystal :(
  6. hello good mod man sir. Wouldnt it be more appropriate to point the user to the Item Check Thread and lock the post. yes, expect that post tells me 1m stats is hacked, but not if 361 all tower stats 100ish all hero stats myth is hacked, but thanks :) i'll be reading the rest, but it seems they don't try to tell you what's hacked just to look "not hacked", and what's not hacked just in the good end ^^
  7. i would suggest trying alch lab nm surv (http://ddplanner.com/?l=14910,alch-labs-nmhc-or-survival-nmhcmm-safe-build from another post here, does look good, you might want to try that), or throne room nm surv ddplanner.com/?l=14209,tcommand-nmhcmm-survival-wave-25 (this build is working great for me at nmhcmm, but since you're lower stated, i would try it on nm first)
  8. Ouch. Btw; if you don't have kobolds for all of your builders - I'd run tav def surv on insane hc. Even if you don't get a tower perfect, you can get ones with a couple of 600 stats. For example my squire uses one that went 600 on damage and rate, but hp and range only hit 400s. But for the squire it doesn't really matter since hp and range were good enough before. So depending on your current pets this can be a good sized jump in stats. WoW, most of my builders got 150 - 250 stat pets :O
  9. yes, and if you do all challenges on nmhc you get a cube, most of them are easy, others you might want to get a little help (iirc cube is a good chunk of money as well. also, if you got chicken, it sells good aswell just don't do the mistake i did, i sold mk2 for 600m, and chicken to the bank :(
  10. hmm just have to beat all on nmhc to get mk2? 50-60bil? sounds great gonna start working on that now :) yes, and if you do all challenges on nmhc you get a cube, most of them are easy, others you might want to get a little help (iirc cube is a good chunk of money as well. also, if you got chicken, it sells good aswell
  11. Well first thing to keep in mind is RNG is random and you can make several runs and not see much of anything once you start hitting 2k in stats. That said, I can't remember anyone posting about good farming on endless spires surv. It was always endless spires camp to get the first myths and then once they got everything out of that they moved on to other maps for farming. Thx for posting your builders and stats. Looking at them, I would work on your initiate first. Get that tower dmg and tower rate over 1k - and then work on getting tower range to 1.8k to 2k. As PhoenixExcalibur2 men
  12. been farming endless spires surv nm http://ddplanner.com/?l=14827,endless-spire-surv lately, doesn't seem to drop much gear for atm tho :(
  13. personally i followed this guide a bit, http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?36080-Loot-progress-path-for-dummies&p=269152&viewfull=1[[3699,hashtags]]
  14. I would suggest you to try Alchemical Labs (No mix mode or HC) survival on nightmare. I did that right after I completed Alch labs on insane survival two times. (On a new account, took nothing from my previous account, already hitting 2k stats after 9 days) After completing it on just nightmare I was able to do it on NMHCMM. Build was something like this: http://ddplanner.com/?l=14487,alchemical-lab-survival It might not be the most optimal build, but it could handle Hard, Insane and Nightmare HC MM survival just fine. After doing Alch lab I did NMHCMM Throne Room once till 22nd and a
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