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  1. You need 80 of those motes to get a relic to chaos 4. 80 to get to chaos 7. It cost 1.2 mill to exchange 99 c7 to c1. 1.4 mill for 99 c7 to c4 motes. This is killing me in gold as I level up at least 3 relics up to c7 immediately . You must come down in prices for this by AT Least 75%. Let us play with our defenses and have fun, not limiting us to only a couple ever time we reset. Good lord I would like to have been in that room when some super smart guy said, "Hey lets 's charge them millions of gold per transfer so it will be harder on them."
  2. Game says it is trying to find open server or something. Then it freezes.
  3. Please remove Drakenfrost from Onslaught AND the Drakenlord too. I like building towers and watching them do their job. This is what Dungeon Defenders is all about to me. The way I see it, if you cant beat a level with just towers alone then it shouldnt be in the game.
  4. I think they need to take frostkeep out of onslaught . I like playing just using my towers, I hate the draagonlord .
  5. On level 89 onslaught . They freeze my auras. How to stop it?
  6. Even if you give the Collossus Deadly Strikes his range still sucks. Please give the Collossus at least a 100% range boost please. Without Deadly Strikes a boss can just take one step back and the Collossus cant reach. The Collossus should be able to reach the heavens with that big weapon of his.
  7. I guilded Power Pylon then I put it up to the Giant Hammer guy from thelich character class thingy, the monks flame and rangers darts and there was no extra power added to any of them. Please advise .
  8. Some of you guys must be the developers of this game. The grind for Ancient power is unnecessary to be this long for the 10% we get. Most of us donr have 3 plus hours a day to play either. We also like playing other games. Please donrers look into this.
  9. Allowing us to keep CHAOS 8 relics permanent after we reset ancient powers. Let's face it, leveling ancient powers is insane. By doing this not only would it help us level up faster by not having to grind for gold, items, and all else we need EVERY SINGLE FRACKING RESET, but wecan also be working on our other classes, preparing them for that high level grind. You could also do the same for armors but you would have to work around the blah blah blah.
  10. Being able to get all the classes, max their potential, and have access to any of their defenses to advance to higher levels. Know what sucks about DD2? Ancient power resets. Having to build only certain classes to advance because it is too long and frustrating to level up all classes just to reset ancient power again. It just takes the life out of the gamr. Know what else sucks? Getting high levels in onslaught and no one to play with. Just saying .
  11. I just tried 12 more times to go from a level 5 to a higher level. I got 5 level 1's out of those rolls. Rest was lower than 5. Phuuuuuuuuuuuck you.
  12. The freezing is starting to get worse.
  13. I had a mod that was level 5. I tried 25 times to get it to a higher rank but not once did the rerolls get past level 4. It would have been better just to let us level up by one each time we reolled than this. Reroll rates are terribly terrible .
  14. Which is better overall dps and weapon?
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