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  1. That is one of the most beautiful pieces of armour I have ever seen. :O it is a waste of upgrades on hp unless it was already near 500 as I prefer to put it on tower speed
  2. baker


    I am just waiting to see how this mana generator as if someone bought items from my shop for 2.25 b from my shop so is that going to generate a token of 250 m and can we upgrade it to 600 ? as now including me we only take 600 m tokens in trades so how much the token will be ?
  3. And this thread was moved because it has nothing to do with patch notes and has more to do with the DDDK than anything else. well, in "Upcoming patch notes" mentioned ( Secret contents) so it it related :) keep the thread moving around the forum :ogre:
  4. Why did speculation on upcoming content get moved to the modding forum? No idea :) I did post on patch notes anyway :skeleton:
  5. Any idea ? cuz this waiting is killing me :)
  6. I have been playing this game almost a year now ( 2 months left approximately) and It was a very nice service you provided since the beginning from the servers to the customer service & I am just mentioning this right now cuz big companies (no names) are struggling ( we r the ones who is suffering) and now we are boycott them so I am just glad i am here :) * keep up the good work & we will stay forever loyal players :skeleton:
  7. Hey, I was just annoyed when my friends (that I brought to DD on console) suggested to Leave DD because of the other player who are using hacked items ( and not even know how to use them I swear) so I was looking through the forums here and I couldn't find where to report while in PC we have a proper section to report. and yes they will affect us by trying to trade to find no interest as 50% of this game is corrupted now ( trading) beside the leaderboards . so here an example of it( i am not naming anyone cuz this guy is just 1 out of 1000 if there are 1000 who play it atm) P.S if ther
  8. A new event like the one we had for Easter & the Eggs to get something special
  9. I dont see how anyone will drive up the prices unless they are the ones who are bidding. Inflation is stoopid bad right now and this will make it worse one way or the other. I would rather farm it than buy it. However I am for a bank or more mana stored to make it easier to upgrade the new pieces I find. it is a natural thing as now we trade the tokens not for their "value" as (200 m) but we deal with as their (real value = finding an item then spending 280 m + time for both ) and this is the difference as now you will get tokens even when you are afk shop so imagine what will happen soon i
  10. Just don't focus on leveling, focus on playing the new content and getting armor. Before you know it you'll be at cap. that say it all
  11. Yep yep ,, the tokens values (not the mana value but what it worth to us) is going to be lower than what it worth now as it will be easy to generate tokens for players which means the rare items ( mega,cubes, etc) will go very high in prices "lucky me :) " p.s i may be shouldn't say what i am thinking :)
  12. I wonder if the soft cap will be raised to 800mil. with the tokens generator it doesn't matter i guess
  13. I am new from pc ( and still using pc version) but on xbox i joined other games and recorded videos with my HD PVR people have items with like 100 0000 damage and hacked items and even found a guy who put an item size more than the tavern itself :) and heard people saying that there is a glitch for the mana so what in earth is this ? is the game trading broken or what ?
  14. I'd inclined to agree with Alshain. I totally understand that but despite all security measures around all trades we sometimes risk it & trust people [for example when we trade over 12 items at the same time] we just trust people beside as Trendy stated that they are not responsible for trades. ..... another issue is that I bought the xbox version just to to enjoy my time with friends there but seeing that what i have in PC and what I should start with in xbox makes me ignore the xbox version & inviting my friends to leave the xbox version to join me in pc resulting in more people
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