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  1. Operating under the asinine assumption that in spite of this being the internet your qualifications are actually true, you do understand there's a giant difference between a company that is explicitly hiring remote workers and a company that has been forced into transitioning remote? Skill sets selected for and hired based upon are, surprisingly I know, different based on if you're expected to work in the same workplace or not. Some project managers are more effective when they're able to more closely monitor and react or assist with collaboration of individual members, and other project manag
  2. Spoken like an individual who's either never actually entered the work force or has never had to work remote. A number of collaborative efforts do truly suffer at a minimum. That's not to mention the numerous psychological studies that show people are generally more effective when they have areas dedicated to a specific task (IE another reason why you shouldn't eat in bed). In general though I really do think this game would have been better just pushing back the release date. A number of core functions (shop keep anyone?) just not at all present that others have mentioned before, and th
  3. One of the problems with looking for resources available is how volatile the game is. Many resources created you may not know the validity of just due to a patch coming out and changing it.
  4. 100m Steam ID:Krisos (link in sig)
  5. Define "good" and how many ups do you want?
  6. Now, I'm still selling runs and tutoring as well as selling mass blasticusses. Friend me on steam if you're interested.
  7. I can do the run now. Steam ID is in my sig.
  8. Err I do this all legitly with a high damaging wep that has a pierceshot doing 900k outside of nm and enough to oneshot the crystals with in. Will contact those interested now. Edit: Abinsinthe please friend me or post your steam acc. I also take no offence in others acknowledging the possibility that I use pre patch weps. However if I did I certainly wouldn't be able to offer advice/teaching on how to do it.
  9. Mass Blasticus Buyers Hey, I'm interested in selling lots (I had 5 pages full) of Blasticusses rather cheaply which you can turn around and sell for a higher price. I'm selling each blasticus for 1mil (only 50k above the tavern selling price of the better ones), I don't however sell one at a time. Look at my signature if you're interested in buying mass Blasticusses Runs While gaining these Blasticusses I'm fine with having someone tag along, just give me 900k mana to me per run and you can keep the Blasticus to sell or use however you'd like. Teaching If you want to learn how to
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