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  1. Lol thanks everybody for the replies. I won't waste my time trying to farm Zamira then. (:
  2. Hello, I ran into somebody with around 220-230^ zamira gear and was wondering if this was possible? He told me he farmed it with a buddy of his in warping core--but I was just wondering if anybody could confirm that it is indeed possible to farm 220^+ Zamira gear in warping core. With this set, he was able to hit all 90 resists in NM--which made me question the legitimacy. He assured me, however, that he farmed it himself. I decided to ask here instead of farming myself as I am busy with other affairs at the moment. Cheers and thanks for the info, Cliff
  3. To get a unicorn you must complete all 3 maps in order on the same difficulty. The unicorn will be awarded upon return/creation of your own tavern. If you've met all these requirements and still did not receive the unicorn, add me and I can help you do a quick run through on insane. SteamID in sig.
  4. With all the other achievements that require you to go through all missions-- glitterhelm is required. Why would this be any different? :o
  5. Armors and Weapons should have separate item caps in my opinion. 50% Armors and 50% weapons. Weapons would only replace weapons while armors would only replace armors.
  6. i just tested barbarian in assault. The Ball cannons are mean but otherwise its fine. can still use them to easily solo assault 3. stats? which stance are you using to fend off mobs of ninjas//tank fireball turrets?
  7. I noticed a significant increase in trap charges with the recent patch--thank you! I'm curious, however, because this wasn't listed in the patch notes. The 7.16c patch notes state that there is a 25% dmg boost to traps, is this possibly a typo? Or did they both get boosted and forgot to mention the charges in the patch notes? I should mention, however, I paid little attention to my "new" trap dmg so I cannot confirm whether it's a typo or not.
  8. He was no good for assault before (in my experience) so removing turtle stance in assault changes absolutely nothing. Turtle made a huge difference. I could get 3 crystals on the 1st map. 2 crystals on 2nd and do quite a bit on the last. If you know how to use turtle it's actually a great skill in assault. In campaign, I only find it useful for the spider queen fight. In survival, I only find it useful for green item diving. I am, however, the minority in that I didn't feel web immunity was necessary. :(
  9. Squire gets "Blood Rage" for resistance boost. Countess gets "Call to Arms" for resistance boost. Barbarian gets "Siphon" for resistance nerf. :(
  10. Being even slower will not make it easier The turtle stance doesn't reduce speed in NM AMP.
  11. Am I the only one who feels this will make Assault ridiculously easy? :D
  12. At least slice and dice work, try the harpoon tower for wyvern/spider defense and get back to me. Harpoons should be directly in front of and below the lane of wyverns. Interior spiders should be handled with Bouncers when using a squire builder (place bouncers directly under spider spawn points) Hope that helps (:
  13. Reasonable. Just some personal opinions: -I actually like the bowler physics as they are now. -Barbarian doesn't need to be buffed anymore. In fact I would raise the Siphon cool down to 12 seconds. (Assault is easy if you know how to time your skills)
  14. I don't know if I should face palm at the post or face palm that somebody actually took the time to type all that out. :p
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