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  1. I'v sold a lot of upgraded gear (mostly stuff I don't use anymore) but still, I'm sure others do the same... Also, some people leave the item one less than max so the buyer can name it him/her self. Personally, I do this for a lot of my gear because I know I won't use it forever and someone might want to name it themselves when I do sell it. This is different than a shop full of almost max upgraded gear. Clearly the whole point to not have it maxed is to give buyers the option of naming the item. But to do this manually for an average player farming nm spires or misty is simply a time wast
  2. Another dead giveaway is when at item is sold, it's 1 level off maxing. Most sellers won't bother manually upgrading the gear, but cheaters can simply modify a number.
  3. I started playing roughly 9 days ago. Finished misty campaign, got all achievements, haven't touched the game in the past 2 days. The cheaters make farming pointless, since everything I can find has been ridiculously devalued.
  4. For the most part, 254^ items are dangerous, since it's the max upgrade. Any item with 300+ base stats can also be considered (since misty wave 20~ is simply bull****). Items with 360 stats are also most likely hacked (since it's the cap). If you come on IRC and highlight my username, I'll teach you another method of finding out whether an item is hacked. Don't want it spread too much on forums for cheaters to adapt.
  5. I think it's worth about 1.5b~ btw.
  6. Same deal for me, finished doing Pure Strategy to wave 11 on all maps last night on medium difficulty, friend got it but I didn't. I was the host and yes this was on ranked server. *Edit: seems that joining another players game, in my case an afk shop, seemed to trigger the achievement This is a known bug, it is suggested you complete wave 9, suicide wave 10. Something to do with achievements not saving. As a general addendum, once you get the requirements for an achievement, wait for the blue circle in the bottom right to finish loading, then exit level.
  7. I hate such comments... because they don't help people.so you say it's very possible, then please be so nice and post your strategy to the community or simply save ur energy you wasted by typing that line of words :) Thank you! My bad. Both times I've did it, I did it in a group of 4 both times, we had 3 people repairing, one of which was another squire that can tank/offtank, whilst the 4th player was actively tanking and killing boss. We had about 4 towers on boss, we also had app/huntress guardians. The 2nd squire (me) was responsible for repairing center walls/towers since it was closer
  8. I agree with this post that DD lacks a skill element, however, with tower defence, the only skill there is, is the prior planning.
  9. Sell values for mythic level gear is screwed up..... Sometimes if it goes over the cap, it goes back to negatives (or screwed up numbers) Be that as it may, a 133 upgrade weapon which has been fully upgraded does not vendor for a paltry 8,000 mana. My Apprentice is using a staff (which co-incidentally is also 133/133) and its vendor value is 241,157,696 mana. It's the vendor value of this particular item that's setting the alarm bells ringing. I don't even think it's possible to upgrade an item to 30k attack with only 133 upgrades anyway.
  10. The gear progression from fresh 74 to nm misty farming is definitely quite ... rough. Insane glitter > Basic survival wave 14+ alch (really, who enjoys survival?) > nm spires hc > misty campaign. Seems like a few maps have no replay value. PS: I've finished misty campaign on nm.
  11. If you have 8 characters, 4+4 (both gender), and soon Barb and then EV, that's 10 chars, that's 30 hours already, then going to 80 might take even longer... it's not exactly "not a long time." I fail to see why you realistically require 8 characters to play, and if it is your choice to play 8 characters, then you're obviously prepared for the excessive leveling required for eight characters.
  12. Last 3 pages have gone completely off topic. I'm sure everyone would much rather the game be more challenging than a pushover. In the case that you like it being a pushover, clearly you are not the majority, and the game is obviously not favored to the minority. Also, the 2nd post raises a legitimate point that hardcore players understand the game more due to sheer experience than casuals. If hardcore players are pushing for nerfs, then they sure as hell are going to benefit casual players.
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