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  1. Oh I'm sure, there's about 8,000 other things with a higher priority. Would just be nice. I'd pay like $3.99 for an extra slot.
  2. I'm sure they will someday, but today I'm sad that my huntress has to sit on the sidelines and get passed by in levels so my EV can use overclock once in awhile. Huntress was my 1st and best hero in DD1 so I'm partial to the class even though she's useless to me atm.
  3. Can we get a 5th hero slot? I don't even mind paying for it. I'm mainly a solo player and hate having to choose between EV and Huntress.
  4. All I really use my EV for is the boost beam right now. What stat do I care about to improve it the most?
  5. I didn't need to have bags filtered to get auto-loot to work but I did have to pare down my pickup options. I have 4 sets of gear, all the accessories, no weapons and the same rarity levels checked except I also have Max Upgrades checked and Level Range (70-100) checked.
  6. I haven't seen that line but will try to look for it. I do have a hell of a time upgrading auras when they're stacked so will try clicking the icon. For the apprentice, nothing in fortify and I go for gear with +power, will focus more on range and power than def rate.
  7. Is 100 power, 100 range and working toward 100 def rate (then rest into power) the way to go for apprentice or should I focus more on 1? And for monk, using 1 aura 1 for now, should i raise tower stats evenly?
  8. We can get a refund for Switch? I was a kickstarter backer but ended up buying the pc version during the steam sale as I got tired of waiting
  9. Great info thanks! I feel like I've probably accidentally sold a lot of good gear by not grabbing it. Ah well. I hate that damn timer, I'm a slow methodical builder and it kills me on wave 1 every time. Definitely will start working on building up a monk. None of my friends play so I either search open games and join to collect gear and exp or just solo play, as frustrating as the timer is. Sounds like I kinda need more heroes than I have slots for though!
  10. Been playing for awhile and there's some basic issues that I'm wondering if I'm just overlooking something: 1. Tower level - I don't see anything to quickly show what level the tower is at. No stars, no upgraded skin, nothing. Other than spamming E next to every tower is there another way to easily see the level? 2. Campaign solo insane - When I started playing insane solo, the timer starts right away which means I usually have half my defenses in place before the 1st wave starts. Is there a way to disable the timer? Multiplayer doesn't have the timer... 3. Seeing other player levels - There used to be a hotkey to see the heroes currently on the map and their level. How can I see who's the highest level in a PUG so we can determine who should build? 4. Does Auto-loot not really work? I often see a map full of purples but usually won't auto collect them even though everything is set for them to be collected. Does it only collect gear that is better than what I currently have? 5. Currently leveling an Apprentice (lvl 65, 100pts in Power, 100 in Range, now upping Def Rate) and Squire (lvl 45, all points in Fortify), app for towers and squire for walls (I miss the cannon tower but the DU cost is kinda crazy). Any other classes I should focus on for solo play? I usually play Mixed Mode Insane since it doesn't have the autostart timer but I don't seem to get many exciting drops, the exp is kinda meh and once waves of warriors start I usually get run over.
  11. Wait what? So even if some kind soul allows me to leech on a tier way over my head so I can hopefully get good drops I won't because I haven't dumped tons of gold into my current gear? We're destined to get *** drops unless we spend a ton of gold on our *** equipment?
  12. If there was a way I could plant both types of Cannons instead of picking one it would be awesome. I find the general utility of the regular Cannon to be far superior to the limited niche use of the Heavy Cannon. As far as necroing goes, sure it's generally frowned on but why start a new thread for the same topic and just repeat all the same posts that are in this one? I googled heavy cannon dd2 to see what others thought of it and this is what popped up.
  13. They're terrible. Totally regret buying it.
  14. Within a few seconds of the map starting, everything locks up and the game freezes. I have to use task manager to end the program. This happens every time. I had no issues prior to closed beta. I set my video graphics to low from medium and still have the same issue. 1920x1080 resolution Win 7 64 bit GeForce GTX285 video card
  15. I just gotta agree with everyone that this is a terrible idea. Loot management is already my least favorite part of the game, I hate sorting through the tib to find anything worthwhile but at least I could do that without filling my bags with junk 1st. And I didn't have to manually collect everything. What a fail.
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