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  1. SID: GareBearGrouch http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198053175429/
  2. SID: GareBearGrouch http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198053175429/
  3. SID: GareBearGrouch http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198053175429/
  4. I've beat sky city with two other friends, some people are just unlucky.
  5. honestly i'm fine with that more things to cap out. Someone told me lvl 84-90 you only get 1 skill point. Is this true for console?
  6. I love when people don't read post dates, and backseat Moderating...
  7. I tell you how to live your life. Its what I am good at. LOL jk, I apologize if I offended you or anything of that nature. and I ll just throw this monkey wrench into your gears people are going to join the argument with its not "Trendy" its Microsoft and sony but that blanket statement is over used and boring but I guess it provide a fact of some sort. I wouldn't say you can blame anyone 100%.it's all good lol, I was just kidding. but to others, like I said some more information from Trendy would be nice rather than see "For our console fans, were still waiting to hear back from Microsoft and SCEE. Were sorry for the inconvenience. Well keep you updated as we hear more." hidden some where in the digest.
  8. ill argue with anyone, not really but seriously its a bitter pill you can do 1 of your 2 fabulous options: "Wait" or "Don't wait" I am telling you once you get the patch, will expect another one shortly after about 1-3 hours into playing it because somethings need to be touched up and at this time current closing it cannot happen imo. If the patch for EU and xbox came out at the end of this month or november and thats if, and they did or didn't decide to make another patch it would be another wait, its just not worth waiting and getting your hopes up. Its just not worth it but to you it may be worth waiting.Me, I am into instant gratification. I need things fast and now, especially when I pay of them but the fact they even still support a 15 dollar digital download game which is dominant on pc rather than console just makes its easier to see why, you shouldn't ever hang your hopes in the balance. all it does it give you disappointment,which later on spirals into rage then Denial, then acceptance, and then it starts all over or you say I am done. I am sure you have other exciting things to do. don't tell me how to live my life! but in all seriousness i'll survive if it never came out, I just think Trendy's "style" needs to change a bit.
  9. Why doesn't it make sense that it's taken this long? The Misty patch took nearly 5 months! Maybe the lack of information is due to there not being any information.,,I mean wjy is it only logical that it must have failed and they are working on it more? Do you have evidence that other INDY games generally recieve quicker certification? If not you really have nothing to base your claim on. It's like you just want to assume they are lying just because, even when this isn't the first long wait we have had. It remindse of those people who just say the government is lying no matter what. Bin Laden was killed and they say they believe either he has been dead for a while or isn't dead at all. Either one in their mind is true, even though they are vastly different situations.,They just know he didn't die when the government said he did. No real opinion or bases for one just you know whatever the authority says isn't true. I don't know why you keep saying it took 5 months for the misty patch to come out when it was submitted February, 22 and released on April, 26. Look, i'm not going to argue with you, because this is how I see it until proven otherwise.
  10. Haha seriously guys? I thought my metaphor was easy to understand, but clearly I have expected to much. The time it's taking to release the patch no longer bothers me, it's the lack of information which does. If Microsoft has failed the patch, just be honest and say "we need to work on the patch a little more" rather that keep us waiting with same old news. I'm not saying this is the reason it's taking so long, but it's really the only logical thing that comes to mind.
  11. It's funny how naive most you are, your just little parots squaking around repeating what everyone else says. The fact is none of you know anything about what's going on. I for one am not happy that there is no xbox patch in sight, but i'm not going to blame microsoft just because someone told me to jump off a cliff.
  12. nope, there will never be a quicker way.
  13. I have thought the same thing... why pay $10K to update the xbox game when %95 of the legit community moved to the PC? I wonder how many people would actually download shards 4 on the xbox?You can probably count how many on your fingers...
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