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  1. Since he gave me his old sword, as above, who wants this? Would be a nice jump in stats for me.
  2. There are always the same defenses seen in games. often: Apprentice:Fireball Squire: Harpoon Monk: strength, ensare, electric Huntress: gas EV: Buff Beam, Reflection sometimes: Apprentice: Magic Missile Squire: Wall, Bouncer Monk: heal Huntress: inferno, proxy EV: wall, proton so lets talk about the others: Apprentice: Blockade, LT, DST Squire: Bowling, Slicer Monk: enrage Huntress: darkness EV: shock LT, DST, Bowling, Slicer seem to use up too many DUs, or dont make enough damage for their cost. It seems Fireball and Harpoons are overpowered compared to them. Monk auras seem to be so effective that you cant go without them on nm, or at least have a good advantage. I know this is not realistic, but i would like to see all towers being usable for nm survival. Question: At what DU cost would you favor Bowling over Harpoon? Or a Lightning Tower instead of Lightning Aura? Atm it seems to often to be a no brainer, you put up a wall of Minions, Strength Aura, Ensare and/or Gas, some Harpoons and or Fireball, many or all on a Buff Beam, some Reflections. Would be cool if a Bouncer or Slicer would be a viable choice as a wall, or some app towers beside Fireball. And a squire Wall could make enough damage so it would be worth to put it in the normal direction and not reversed. Or recompile the aggro numbers.
  3. still one set left? I could make good use of it (i hope)
  4. Interesting decision, i can imagine it will be good fun to start without anything again. # 93 for me please
  5. well it should be like this open- anyone can join (in private only friends can) hidden- invite only closed- no one can join agreed
  6. Pets stats are totally random, or does the MVP gets the best pet?
  7. 2 facts: 1) Survival needs a lot of time, too much time for 90% of gamers, and stuff like phone calls, visitors etc can always happen 2) An option to reload any wave over and over again would make it too easy Conclusion: Make a save option. When you save the surival game, you are teleported back to tavern. Your saved game can be loaded/continued only ONCE. No way to load a second time if you continued and failed. So its like taking a break. but not a save game which you load again each time you failed on the next wave.
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