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  1. Frankly i often see Bouncer blockades as well as Slice n Dice towers fail to hit (reach) enemies who are attacking them in melee... Both those towers should get a range increase so they always hit enemies in melee (especially ogres).
  2. Actually the towers shoot at the flares properly! But when there are no flares the towers just shoot in a straight line horizontal to the ground.
  3. Frankly i am surprised not more people have commented or encountered this issue. I play on local (my pc) so the lag can't be the problem, but i encounter this issue vs Goblin Copters on practically any nightmare map that spawns them.
  4. I hope so, i mean for 4DU and 8DU you expect some seriously reliable and useful towers. And increasing their range (aoe radius) is surely not going to cause balance issues considering how niche those towers are due to their melee nature.
  5. Bouncer Blockade and SnD Towers seem to be quite sub-optimal when you are unable to place them "around a corner" so that the melee monsters approach closer than usual. Frankly i very rarely use Bouncer or SnD simply because i find them a tad too niche and unreliable, primarily due to their poor range (radius). They are fun towers and look really cute but they just fail to attack the most important melee monsters due to short range and a lack of corners to hide them behind. And considering they cost 4 DU and 8 DU they are not exactly dirt cheap, so that kind of unreliability and situational use
  6. Edit: Woops i just realized i necroed this 3month old thread, sorry. Personally i really like the LT's 360 degrees attack radius and its crazy lighting bouncing.It is a pricy tower in terms of DU but it definitely is the most mass-killing tower in the game. It is my most common choice for survival since they just so reliably murder everything across the map. I dont know how would you balance it without making it not worth its DU or ruining its crazy lightning charm.
  7. Thanks, but what are item beams? Are they the small dots on the mini map that mark gear drops of quality that you specified in options?
  8. Is it possible to make it so that opening one chest during build phase will give you the mana from all the chests on the map? In Survival mode during Build Phase running across the entire map hunting down chests to open just to get mana isn't exactly enjoyable, especially when there is no time limit for Build Phase in Survival modes. Even in the time limited Build Phases that exist in non-survival modes this improvement for chest mana collection would make the game more enjoyable and let us focus more on strategy instead of running around. Personally i think this method should become the defau
  9. Would it be possible to implement a death log (damage suffered) for the Eternia Crystals upon defeat?Frankly it is a bit frustrating and hard to improve when playing survival and at some level suddenly one of my crystals die without me knowing what it died from (what monster killed it) while i wasn't close to see. If we had even just a minimal text line telling us what monster killed the crystal then i could actually try and improve the defenses for my next attempt :) Thank you.
  10. Thank you Community Development fellas for working on the Dungeon Defenders so much :) A pretty annoying bug i have consistently encountered on Survival MistryMire (nightmare): My Magic Missile and Deadly Striker towers will shoot in a horizontal line (ground level) at Goblin Copters instead of actually shooting at the Copter itself. This means that 99.9% of my tower shots are completely wasted versus Copters since they are shooting at empty space at ground level below the Copters. And since the Copters can usually approach unharmed they drop their ogres right on top of my precious towers :(
  11. I am an old DD1 player but i have not played DD2 in a VERY LONG time. Today i installed DD2 again and i am looking at all the changes and new stats on my lvl50 characters (trash gear). Since i am a fan of "DPS-ing" as a Hero during a wave, killing enemies myself, should i go for Hero Damage or Ability Power? I guess ideally i want to have both but since that is not always the option i wanted to know is there a "universally better" choice between the two? Most abilities seem to do a lot of damage but the cooldown and mana limitations make me think that constant auto-attacking could be much mo
  12. I haven't played DD2 all that often but i do like the Abyssal Lord, judging by the trailer. One thing i did not understand were the practical differences between Orc Blockade and the Colossus. Both are described as melee, tanky and deal good damage... Their Direct Command ability is also similar, they just deal damage in-front of themselves. I thought one might be for "single target" while the other is for "area of effect", but that does not seem to be the case. It would be lame if the Colossus is just a stronger/expensive version of the Orc Blockade, since the lesser tower would not be used
  13. If i did not live in a piss poor 3rd world country where 15euro is almost 10% of my monthly pay i would not mind buying the Abyssal. But considering the average pay in my country is 180 euroes per month, i really can't afford a 15e hero. Needless to say i don't have a lot of time to play/grind this fun game either... so i can unlock the Abyssal in about a year :(
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