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  1. Tried to play kings game but the screen keeps flashing black therefor making it unplayable. anyone else having this problem?
  2. I have the game on xbox and the new map forsaken temple has very bad lag/frame rates but i was wondering if its my xbox and not the game!
  3. Title says it all. just woundering when the hotfix will be released on xbox ? cheers
  4. yeah time will tell. . .was just one of my favorite maps from DD1. . .i cant wait another 2 months if it happens for the new boss to fight.
  5. with the second part of episode 2 there will be a new boss and therefor a higher teir difficulty then the keep. hopefull its here in the next 3 months. hope this helps
  6. Just wondering if anyone can answer this question, if you have DDA on your xboxone and you buy a new xbox series x and log in with your Microsoft (your gamer tag) account does your progress change over with your account or do you have to start all over again? And do you have to redownload the game or is it already there with your account? Any input much appreciated cheers
  7. Yea all the shards maps were great maps. a real statement for DD. i just hope DDA at the end of there error have a boss like the OLD ONE in DD1 like crystaline dimension
  8. would love to see these two maps in DDA, the remade misty myers from DD1 why not do marago and aquanos too!
  9. Title says it all. just woundering if anyone knows or has a idea on how long until we get new pactch with new heros and new maps? cheers
  10. the next question is where you in a full game? so essentially im asking can you get 105 fusion armor playing solo?
  11. oh well now i have solid evidence i can keep farming, question is tho did those two armor peices drop from the keep or in another map?
  12. Just woundering if its possible to get level 105 fusion armor and where its most likely to drop. i have over 100 hours in the new update and still havnt seen one drop. i have many normal godly non fusion armor at 105 but none fusion. anyone know about this?
  13. Thanks very much for that Philip. i logged on and its back to normal. love the game keep up the good work and i cant wait until boss rush come out - (two years later) hehe
  14. thanks for the options and your help. i have already filled out the hacker flag appeal form but have not had a reply at all and its been about 5 days. would you know the time it would take for them to get back to me?
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