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  1. Lots of opinions here. at the end of the day we will get to battle the old ones eventually in NM but we as fans of dungeon defenders understand that there is tough times in the world at the moment.
  2. nice finally some communication from cro. good jobs guys and girls of chromatic. looking forward to sinking hours upon hours into this pactch.
  3. Yes i agree even the just a slice of cake to let us know when
  4. Let's all bow our head to the RNG GOD that they do stick to there word!
  5. i just hope they do release it on time like they have promised, breaking a promise this early in a game could be fatal for their fan base. im sure those addicts like me will still play tho hehe, come on chromatic you got this!
  6. 3 more days until end of march Boys and Girls. . . does that mean 3 days until demon lord patch! They did say they would stick to there timeline. . .
  7. yeah i hope it is still released this month but at the same time i don't want it released with memory loss and defenders losing there gear or unable to play with others and in conclusion to it not defending at all!
  8. thanks you magnificent DEFENDERS
  9. just wondering if there is a estimate on when the deamon loard patch will be released. ---- i need my fix! hehe
  10. my highest is 950 PWR raw. i got two on the same run from royal garden survival insane on wave 25.
  11. my highest is 85 fortify 85 power 102 rate and 80 range i win hehe
  12. I loaded up DDA today and all my progress is gone. is there any point in playing the game if it wont save and or can i get my progress back in future?
  13. would you accept a rainmaker as a event item? if so how much would you value it at?
  14. scarss

    WTB Cinnamon

    bump can pay with diamonds or cubes. maybe a event item depending on what one.
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