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  1. I don't doubt it, since you never are right in here, just chasing ghosts of your imagination.
  2. Better than your idea of just trolling every thread you can find. have you ever tired making a positive comment? Ever? You are the only one trolling here, I am just posting smart comments with logical reasoning. And in fact Trendy proved I was right, WM was clearing bugged and not working as intended. Get over it.
  3. Why not totally free then? If this is the idea there would be no difference with free.
  4. They should make gilding like upgrading, you can gild any shard 1 by 1 so you have shard X, gilded 3/10 etc Saves a bit of space and is easier to manage.
  5. So your idea of a game is that abusing is good and they are "lucky". Good lord... Thank god Trendy is on spot.
  6. But I never heard ppl unhappy cause "they had to play". This is just few kids IMO, giving voice to something the real community haven't discovered yet.
  7. Nothing is fine about that defense, no defense at all should stun AOE in such a reliable way and also being able to self kill everything. There are towers for CC and towers for damage, a single one shouldn't be doing everything, and AOE. This need a huge nerf ASAP.
  8. Exactly, but initially if you played at that time ppl used it mainly to shoot with the hero because dps was very good at start. That was the right direction, dunno why they changed it totally.
  9. TBH no, while the biggest problem is another weapon manufacturer was never fine, it was intended to be a defense with a synergy with the hero DPS but they made a solo defense and there is no point if a defense lvl 1 is competitive with other defenses lvl 5, it wasn't fine even before this OP feast.
  10. I tried to put a mod and it didn't go so I kept trying other combo for a bit but at the end I noticed I lost a lot of medals and still both items were unchanged :/ Anyone happened to have something similar? How to fix it?
  11. And onslaugh was easy before and now is ridicolously easy. Yesterday I tried the higher Onslaugh and I finished the map with less than 2000 DU on 2400 total.
  12. everything is too easy anyway, even if you dont get tenacity you can get a ***ton of range and hit them from far, or get a ***ton of damage and kill them before they even cast the disable I mean everything works because everything is so OP
  13. You could have easy mode doign campain at all times. There is no fun in afk farming, sure it is slightly interesting to find new combos now, but since there is nothing that requires them it's getting pretty boring anyway. If you dont like challenge why not just playing diablo or something?
  14. for 2) I think the system is intended to change the weaker ones with the best ones And I also think dropping them is the easy part, from my first test it seems gathering the material is much longer than finding the mods (unless you really want a 99.9% one)
  15. So +3 mods, -2 stats equates to 1 more bonus. How much they've been scaled to compensate is another factor to consider, but I trust that they did their best to make us equivalent to our pre-patch power, so I figure regardless of the bonus count, we're supposed to be roughly the same power as before. There is no -2 stats. Those are COMPLETELY absorbed by the new base damage. Also there are more upgrades, now you can upgrade each item 10 times, meaning even more bonuses...
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