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  1. PRESS THE DAMN HIDE BUTTON. http://i.imgur.com/cFXHu.jpg
  2. So.. uhm what does this have to do with Trading?(Wrong Forum Section) oh ****, didnt realise. my bad.
  3. PRESS THE DAMN 'HIDE MATCH' BUTTON http://i.imgur.com/cFXHu.jpg
  4. New DLC, Guys! - "Hidden Dungeons of the Tavernkeep" In which his recent "pet hunting" puts him in a troubling situation with goblins and a rogue pet. :D That's hilarious, very convincing aswell.
  5. Looks like the chains are connected to a trap door that is EXACTLY what i thought! Maybe thats how the monster got underground or you need it to open it?
  6. What exactly is his role anyway? Is he related to the Dungeon Defender family? Is he a friend of your parents? Is he an uncle? A former Dungeon Defender that got too old to keep up the fight against the orcs? Or is the Tavernkeeper a guy who, after years of defending crystals woke up one morning and found out that his gear got patched to crap overnight by Trendy and decided screw it, I'm just gonna drink now? There is nothing from what i know that says anything about him, no history or anything. he's not even mentioned in the story. i think he came in from the bad guys when the paren
  7. or maybe.... You're working for him surandra... If that is even your real name >__> you've cracked it. Good fight trendynet. Good fight.
  8. Out of all this I'm sure you can fill an entire DLC about the Tavernkeeper ;B I'm actually really hoping they do, i would pay.
  9. Yea.... but he never leaves the tavern... even to sleep... who's bringing him these wares? Well he can deliver presents to the whole world in 24 hours. maybe he gets it all in the blink of an eye. or he gets ogres to do it..
  10. So i was thinking last night, there must be more to them scrawlings behind the television in the secret room. i have gathered a few points, some that could mean nothing, some which are more probable. *The writing on the wall 'Don't trust the Tavernkeep' scrawled behind the Hi-Def television. http://i.imgur.com/ALE0R.jpg *He has access to your Crystal every hour of every day. 90% of the time you are out adventuring so he could be doing anything with that time. http://i.imgur.com/K5BNx.jpg *The camera on the hi-def television is pointing at him on BOTH channels. http://i.imgur.com/3DDmO.
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