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  1. I approve this message! I got a list of them all with pictures (forged by)
  2. Unpopular opinion alert!! I have had a great time playing DD. the challenge of real time tower defense games is always a blast. Throw in an RPG element with gear weapons and pets and you have quite an addicting game. Sadly tho levels are simple puzzles once you learn capable build styles. The game then immediately becomes a pursuit of awesome items to make your characters beastly. Let the endless farming begin!! But honestly, what's the point? Your awesome upgrade items can only be used to farm the same 3-4 levels that are worth farming. Worthwhile armor drops are so rare that farmi
  3. Dont you have to press x to confirm deletion? Ive played this games since October 2011 and have yet to accidentally delete a character *next build accidentally deletes lvl 90 huntress *Doh!
  4. I use to have an undying rod with 20k into fire but never used it because it was for a lvl 90 -_-
  5. Ranged Kelp...it doesnt lag as bad as the Lemurian, plus its actual base dmg Oversized Junbao for melee if youre not lazy like most of these guys and like to get dirty
  6. Hey mcwolves you should do one with trap health/count!
  7. Attack rate does no deplete aura health If you place an aura to the side where mobs dont walk through, itll deplete on its own Higher attack rate does kill mobs quicker, mobs wont stay in the aura as long therefore increased life span. The huntress guardian buff proves this. I used to believe that the less attack rate/no attack rate increased aura life span but since ive changed sides. Really time, attack rate, placement, health and size are all a factor for life span. These make it harder to really find a solid answer. For now I go off the facts....those are based off the huntress bu
  8. I farmed a 111^ for 83 but traded it 23 TH 9 AR 11 TA Honestly if you would pull a 140^ it would probably be equivalent to a 180-190
  9. They claim it's the same, but I don't really ever hear of 100+ beeing pulled on insane. No one wants to risk the chance of missing stats on a 100+ i guess :P I farmed my 100^ on insane, still the same ramdon drop on insane/insane+
  10. That is why the mentors base damage scales higher on the monk than the laser robot
  11. An easy way to deal with the Kraken is to have a squire with decent block % sit on that north crystal, basically the squire agros boss. Then have everyone else on the ledge of the middle crystal and light that tuna up! it'll go even quicker with a monks hero booost.
  12. Whats the point of hero damage on a wall app? hero damage does not affect towersto keep the ninjas from jumping on your head, obviously hero damage doesnt effect magic blockades but I'm glad we established that.
  13. then why did you ask? I dont think you understood my OP. The reason I asked was to help get participants in the event who failed to join or could not make it, and then sending them over to Hit or Laura for their xp reward. I did not ask if they could modify my PS3 for low gravity. They are many other ways/ideas to host an event and make it fun, although the idea of raining ogres may be more intriguing....participants would still get their XP.
  14. Only trendy members can add the effects EX: low gravity, non-staff can't modify the game I'm very aware of that.
  15. Long time no see :) Tell green i said hey :p Will do, still playing CoD with Hit? lol
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