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  1. I haven't been able to see something like that, but I'll keep looking. ._. would REALLY like an actual confirmation from somewhere, dunno if anyone else is doing the same but I've been farming NMHC spooktacular for a Transcendent Nosferatu after seeing some screens posted of them. Not sure about their legitimacy, but I can hope. It was in another thread with something about transcendents or new item quality in the title, but it wasn't a staff member, just a throw away comment by someone else, I have no clue what it was based on, but it's the only thing I've seen about it (Edit, found it agai
  2. I have no idea how true/accurate it is, but someone said in one of the other threads here somewhere that the transcedent items only drop on Eternia Shards and newer maps (Misty, moraggo, oasis, assault pack, etc.), FWIW. The only ones I've found have been big sticks and rets from the assault pack, and most of them have been worse than mystics I had (although I've gotten 2-3 keepers)
  3. I may be wrong on this, but I believe in this case of Dungeon Defenders, you'll be banned from other Unreal-engine games. Incorrect. That's an assumption based on the old "engine banning" method. Otherwise if you got banned in most modern valve games, you'd end up banned in most others as they are all essentially HL2/source engine mods. In addition, not all Unreal-engine games use VAC anyway (In fact I don't know of any others off the top of my head, but there may be some, although a VAC ban in Dungeon defenders would still not affect them). From the linked message which is extremely clea
  4. If you want some facts about VAC, I'll give you some. However, any official statement may supercede this. Fact 4) VAC bans are Steam-wide, not game specific. The logic is if you cheat in one game, you might cheat in any of them. This is completely incorrect as has been pointed out multiple times on these forums. VAC USED to ban per engine (e.g. gold source for hl1, cs, or source for hl2, css etc.), however for every game released since l4d1 it bans only per game as stated by Valve employees on the steam forums multiple times. Like here: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showpost
  5. We are just doing our job to keep the forum tidy. We requested that people keep the DLC feedback to the news discussion thread which announced the DLC, for the sake of organization (instead of having 20 threads all talking about the same subject on the front page) I really don't feel this is unreasonable, and none of us are in any way trying to squelch criticism. I want to reiterate: We do not stop people from expressing dissatisfaction, nor do we desire to. However, we expect you to abide by the rules designed to keep the discussion civil while doing so. I hope you will read and accept thi
  6. It does seem like something is up with them. They always die a lot quicker on me than magical barriers do despite having X times as much life.
  7. Save the crystal Afro the boys (top hats) and girls (bows) and bring like ones together! Really not sure what good that did, are my costumes unlocked now?
  8. I don't get it. How do you "make pairs"?
  9. I don't know if they drop without the holiday stuff, but even with the holiday stuff they seem extremely rare for me (I've never made it past wave 24, dunno if that matters). I think I've gotten like 3-4 of them in probably 20+ survival runs (attempts anyway) and they have all been really low upgrade or below mythical :/
  10. I won't say NM doesn't need fixing, but you do need to remember that Nightmare isn't "complete." There are three new enemies yet to be added, more levels yet to be added, etc. On top of that, adjustments will be made along the way. No change made in a recent patch is necessarily permanent. Unfortunately most players don't visit these forums (and most of the people who visit these forums don't post, but that's another issue) and what it says on the DLC is "early access to nightmare mode" not "beta testing of nightmare mode". Early access to something that is unplayable until all of the D
  11. This is what we used more or less (there may have been some other tweeks I don't recall) but I don't think we ever tried it with an app builder with less than 800 tower damage, and most of the time over 1000, so not sure how well it scales down. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=18329
  12. More interestingly, if you look at dungeon defenders on the main store page (best sellers, scroll to page 2) it shows the price as "Free" O.o (Not on the actual product page though, so there go my plans for unlimited item storage =D)
  13. How was it "game breaking" exactly? Were you all suddenly able to solo mistymire with huntress? The new assaults? Any map that you weren't previously able to solo with huntress before the new weapon? "OP" you could probably argue, but "game breaking" is a bit too much exaggeration I think.
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