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  1. I came here to post about the same thing. DD1 is still one of my favourite games. But the performance in both DD1 and DD2 is still very bad. So I would like to know what the team are actively doing to battle these performance issues, since I see there will be no beta testing on consoles.
  2. If it is the best for the franchise I am all in for it. If it is just Trendy rebranding themselves to do the same shit , I am surely done. If the problem is (was) creative freedom, then do DD3, or simply Dungeon Defenders the way the creators have envisioned it. I haven't read the full story yet as why TE became chromatic, but seeing how pationate, some of the people are behind the game, shows there is still hope. Time will tell.
  3. Can someone paste the text for us non-US people so silly GDRP regulations do not block access?
  4. Its a shard for your weapon called call of rhe kobold
  5. I had made a similar post, way way, way back with a visual example of how this can be done. It can be similar to swapping between heroes in cosmetics tab, by pressing a button or a key and bringin up all your heroes and choose who to swap in or put in your deck.
  6. Yes, at first I was at another server, but the error message was clear for this and told me to switch server, what I successfully did. The major question for now would be, if this is a game we have to play ALWAYS together, or if this is a game we could play solo, 2 player or 3 player or 4 player, depending of who has time to play. If it is like I described above, so everyone needs the same progress to be able to play together, then I fear this game is nothing for us =( When you start, you have to be on the same progression, but that is for the first few maps, after that you can join and progress with your friends whenever you have time. For your first question yes Trendy might have screwed up badly on the initial stages of the game, but the first levels which work as an tutorial have to be completed on the same level of progression otherwise you will be unable to join your friends and them you. It is not a bad game, but although it offers co-op it doesn’t seem to be too co-op friendly at the earlier stages of the game. However it could have been a network connection or any other type of issue. Did you try it again later?
  7. Normally If you paid 10.99 (insert your currency) you would get 1000 gems. But instead you get 100 for every 30 days you login, so thats extra 2000 for the normal amount you would get for 10.99
  8. I m so happy I dealt with mastery before the protean shift update. It could possibly be harder now with all the mods and things. I would recommend tou have a complete set of characters with shards. Good MODs will help maybe. Forget about resetting if you go the Mastery way. And prepare to repeat... a lot.
  9. So Trendy... any chance we see the -50% sale currently active in the US PSN store due to Haloween, on the EU PSN store as well?
  10. Fair enough, it might just be me, but it seems like a few people have also highlighted the points I made, and even added a few more, so I do not know for sure if it is just me or the direction the game has taken. Anyway it is good to have opinions of everyone so we can have a more diverse discussion, and I appreciate the time you take to elaborate on your opinion.
  11. I genuinely like this, but please not with an absurd amount of materials required
  12. I think if we had more things to do than just climbing floors, there would be a much bigger interest in the game. I like resetting, I like grinding, but as others have said it just gets too damn repetitive. In old DD1 as you say, I do not know what was so special about it, but I honestly wouldn't mind, because I could do Survival if I wanted to, I could do Campaign, I could do challenges, I could do events, I could just hang out in my tavern and have people drop by to shop, the only thing I can do in DD2 is climb floors and grind for shards/mods. And for me when is so much RNG involved it is not even a grind, it is an rnging. So I wonder if this is in general Trendy's viewpoint, "here it is, if you like it play it, if you don't hey there are so many others games to play" or if it is "we like what we have, we are open to feedback and see if this is what players like". I acknowledge I might be the minority. I just want to see if other players feel the same way, or if it really just me. I haven't played the new DD1, so it might be worse. But I do not like to compare it with DD1 and say, "oh DD1 is worse, so ok DD2 .. am ok with it". I want to see if I can improve DD2. If I can't and it really just me, I am more than happy, to just shut the hell up.
  13. Actually, DD2 is one of the lighter grind games I have played. Even DD1 is a heavier grind, as I recently found out. However in DD1, at least for me, I did it with a smile on my face, and I couldn't get enough. On DD2 I swear to god, I sometimes say, "if I have to play one more map..."
  14. How many players have stopped playing, due to crazy amount of time required, to farm for shards, mods, gear, etc? It is no secret this game is one of the grindiest mofos out there. For me it often takes out the fun, having to deal with sorting inventory, replaying countless maps just to get that one shard, and generally not being a very friendly game in terms of progression. So I would like to know how many players have quit or have stopped playing due to this fact, or are even considering throwing the pc or console out the window because of the extreme times of rng and farming. And if this a thing the community would like to be addressed?
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