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  1. My laptop has too low video ram to play it. Guess I will have to wait for the console releases. Huge disappointment
  2. Wow thanks! Just got to install windows now!
  3. Thanks for the advice! I would rather like to know before hand what settings would I assume I could play it at. I already have backed it on kickstarter, I could always just switch my preffered platform, and then get it again on consoles. Or just buy it on steam if I know it would play. Than getting in the hassle of refunding I would rather know before hand. Because If I m gonna i stall windows and stuff it would be only for DDA, And I am far too old for experimenting just to find out that it was better to ask.
  4. So... I ve seen the vids, I ve seen the gameplay and I am hyped as hell! Problem is for consoles the games is still months away. So I was thinking buying the game for pc, dive in the action now, and transfer to console when the game comes out since cross saves. Question is if my laptop will handle it. I have a 2017 MacBook Pro i5 2.5 ghz dual core, Intel Iris 640, 8gb ram, 13 inch, and was thinking of making a partition with windows and run the game from there to get my fix. What kind of settings would I realistically expect it to play at? Low? 30 fps?
  5. Realistically speaking, how much possible is it, to see a PS4 optimization update? I am speaking about Frames per second. I play split screen and honestly it must fall below 9 f/s and sometimes 5. Anything we can do?
  6. I have a question regarding what MODs work with EV2's proton charge. I have the Meltdown chip, and I want to use her against Minibosses. So I am wondering what 2nd and 3rd MOD I should go for on the weapon. Does miniboss chip work with proton charge or is it only for her primary secondary attacks? Similarly the best in slot for the 3rd MOD would be Melee chip? Or maybe fire chip for the extra damage and the 2x against frosty's?
  7. Apple has announced support for DS4 Xbox One controllers with the new iOS 13 iPad September Update. This means you can pair your controller with your iPhone and iPad and play anywhere with your controller via remote play. Huge deal for me, since I am away from home, and one reason I couldn't play on PS Vita, was the controls were wonky. (And despite my messages this was never fixed) So guys from mid September and onwards, anyone who wants to play away from their PS4, WITH the comfort of their controller, can just by using their iPhone or iPad. Chromatic maybe you should adv
  8. If it is the best for the franchise I am all in for it. If it is just Trendy rebranding themselves to do the same shit , I am surely done. If the problem is (was) creative freedom, then do DD3, or simply Dungeon Defenders the way the creators have envisioned it. I haven't read the full story yet as why TE became chromatic, but seeing how pationate, some of the people are behind the game, shows there is still hope. Time will tell.
  9. Can someone paste the text for us non-US people so silly GDRP regulations do not block access?
  10. Its a shard for your weapon called call of rhe kobold
  11. I had made a similar post, way way, way back with a visual example of how this can be done. It can be similar to swapping between heroes in cosmetics tab, by pressing a button or a key and bringin up all your heroes and choose who to swap in or put in your deck.
  12. Yes, at first I was at another server, but the error message was clear for this and told me to switch server, what I successfully did. The major question for now would be, if this is a game we have to play ALWAYS together, or if this is a game we could play solo, 2 player or 3 player or 4 player, depending of who has time to play. If it is like I described above, so everyone needs the same progress to be able to play together, then I fear this game is nothing for us =( When you start, you have to be on the same progression, but that is for the first few maps, after that you can join and pro
  13. Normally If you paid 10.99 (insert your currency) you would get 1000 gems. But instead you get 100 for every 30 days you login, so thats extra 2000 for the normal amount you would get for 10.99
  14. I m so happy I dealt with mastery before the protean shift update. It could possibly be harder now with all the mods and things. I would recommend tou have a complete set of characters with shards. Good MODs will help maybe. Forget about resetting if you go the Mastery way. And prepare to repeat... a lot.
  15. So Trendy... any chance we see the -50% sale currently active in the US PSN store due to Haloween, on the EU PSN store as well?
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