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  1. DD1 was very good at loot rewarding. You could complete X map for X costume or gun, armour, pet and you could farm whatever you wanted for the items you wanted to count your build on. That with the combination of events made a game you could play continuously. For me that is the secret sauce. If you combine that with some of the factors of DD2, for me better character models, hero swaps during the wave, but keep DD1 core game play you have a gem. Do not put shards or any other type of items that make the game too far complicated and just keep the stats on the gear. DD1's fault was it made the wrong management decisions business wise. Add also trading, the hummor, the levels, and event gear, costumes, weapons, pets and you have a game we will be playing for a very long time. Personally I wouldn't mind revisiting some of DD2's maps in DDA. As DD1 is a full game and not a F2P game, you cannot put some elements of DD2 in, and thank God some of the nasty Grind with no reason of grinding just to prolong the game because it is a F2P will not be seen in DD1. I cannot see ascension or ancient power happening though it would be cool, rpg wise if it doesn't mess up the core gameplay. To be honest I prefer it as it is. Get stats from levelling up and your gear. If you want to not have a cap, and always increase level and item score then I guess that is ok and will keep players occupied. Or if there is a cap, then you have to find another way to keep them motivated. Reroll stats was not a bad feature, but I cannot see how this can happen in DDA without messing everything and not adding that F2P element.
  2. That moment when you call the apprentice, FAT! AAA-- YYAAAAAAA
  3. To be honest and fair, I have no idea of how easy or not is, if you develop the pc version to make the consoles version out of it. It could be as easy as 123. And mind you playable at a decent frame rate and all
  4. That is exactly my point and concern. Shouldn't we be getting some news on how the console versions are going? I do not want this to be a train wreck like the previous 2 games. Probably the new engine is easier to code on consoles but a little bitty itchy piece would make those concerns go away
  5. When will we be able to see this game running on consoles or at least a small tease at it? I can't say I am not concerned on how this game will run on consoles, and especially the Switch which I am thinking of having my code redeemed for that. PC Master race and getting all the attention is all fun and all, but a lot of people backed for the consoles. Any sugar for us please?
  6. Realistically speaking, how much possible is it, to see a PS4 optimization update? I am speaking about Frames per second. I play split screen and honestly it must fall below 9 f/s and sometimes 5. Anything we can do?
  7. I have a question regarding what MODs work with EV2's proton charge. I have the Meltdown chip, and I want to use her against Minibosses. So I am wondering what 2nd and 3rd MOD I should go for on the weapon. Does miniboss chip work with proton charge or is it only for her primary secondary attacks? Similarly the best in slot for the 3rd MOD would be Melee chip? Or maybe fire chip for the extra damage and the 2x against frosty's?
  8. Apple has announced support for DS4 Xbox One controllers with the new iOS 13 iPad September Update. This means you can pair your controller with your iPhone and iPad and play anywhere with your controller via remote play. Huge deal for me, since I am away from home, and one reason I couldn't play on PS Vita, was the controls were wonky. (And despite my messages this was never fixed) So guys from mid September and onwards, anyone who wants to play away from their PS4, WITH the comfort of their controller, can just by using their iPhone or iPad. Chromatic maybe you should advertise this!!
  9. I came here to post about the same thing. DD1 is still one of my favourite games. But the performance in both DD1 and DD2 is still very bad. So I would like to know what the team are actively doing to battle these performance issues, since I see there will be no beta testing on consoles.
  10. If it is the best for the franchise I am all in for it. If it is just Trendy rebranding themselves to do the same shit , I am surely done. If the problem is (was) creative freedom, then do DD3, or simply Dungeon Defenders the way the creators have envisioned it. I haven't read the full story yet as why TE became chromatic, but seeing how pationate, some of the people are behind the game, shows there is still hope. Time will tell.
  11. Can someone paste the text for us non-US people so silly GDRP regulations do not block access?
  12. Its a shard for your weapon called call of rhe kobold
  13. I had made a similar post, way way, way back with a visual example of how this can be done. It can be similar to swapping between heroes in cosmetics tab, by pressing a button or a key and bringin up all your heroes and choose who to swap in or put in your deck.
  14. Yes, at first I was at another server, but the error message was clear for this and told me to switch server, what I successfully did. The major question for now would be, if this is a game we have to play ALWAYS together, or if this is a game we could play solo, 2 player or 3 player or 4 player, depending of who has time to play. If it is like I described above, so everyone needs the same progress to be able to play together, then I fear this game is nothing for us =( When you start, you have to be on the same progression, but that is for the first few maps, after that you can join and progress with your friends whenever you have time. For your first question yes Trendy might have screwed up badly on the initial stages of the game, but the first levels which work as an tutorial have to be completed on the same level of progression otherwise you will be unable to join your friends and them you. It is not a bad game, but although it offers co-op it doesn’t seem to be too co-op friendly at the earlier stages of the game. However it could have been a network connection or any other type of issue. Did you try it again later?
  15. Normally If you paid 10.99 (insert your currency) you would get 1000 gems. But instead you get 100 for every 30 days you login, so thats extra 2000 for the normal amount you would get for 10.99
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