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  1. theyll just set the crystal hp to 9999999 and press G ... Heh. Just pro-longing their death ;-)
  2. Well, there are ways to play this map without a portal gun -- it takes a bit of finesse, and a little bit of luck on the first round from my experience.. but once you're setup - If you have the right defense you can match them very easily without the portal gun. I've only played it for a little bit, so haven't got a chance to do nightmare seriously (other than just seeing how hard the first round was going to be). The map doesn't need tweaking. Strategies of "Building up major defense with super-duper towers" needs to be changed to something a bit more clever. Think outside the box. Will post strategy once I complete it.
  3. Uhm -- use the portal gun. This map is very easy. [[1152,hashtags]] Grow up if you complain about free maps -- Just because you can't figure out strategies and use h4x weapons to get through levels, is not our fault. Good luck hackers who don't have any sense of strategy at all -- This map is not for you ;-)
  4. 1. 569 2. Shadow of one of the players on the map. If it were to pick you, and you were a hunteress, it would be a hunteress and be able to do the same things you can do -- set traps -- etc... How strong it would be would be up to Trendy (if it had the same gear or not as you) 3. Obstacle course of traps/hard jumps and ledges -- Not only do you need to survive, but the other play is able to set traps (he would have super speed to be able to run around quickly) to kill you or keep you from getting to the finish line.
  5. They did it with my guild on a few bosses and actually popped in to make comments time to time. Was standing right in front of my character wearing all "gm" clothes when we wiped to onyxia 40 in vanilla(and we werent even world first.) I lol'ed to this. Ciao, Former Death & Taxes Main Tank~
  6. In my opinion: The best stat to look for, if you're a tower squire: #1 Tower Health ---- It's always nice to have mana to upgrade towers for their damage not to repair them before they die. If they die, you wipe. #2 Tower Damage ---- An obvious pick. The more damage your towers do, the more they help. But if you're in nightmare, don't think your towers can do it alone. It's very tough. you'll need more DPS to help, but the more damage the towers do the better. #3 Tower Radius --- For spiders. It's nice to have towers take our spiders so players don't have to worry about them. Hope that helps a little bit. I don't know how experienced you are in Nightmare, but give nightmare a shot and see what annoys you the most -- that's the best way to find things out. :D
  7. Does the game go down for people on Xbox/any other platform when the steam one goes down? Sometimes it's a domino effect, even if they are not linked together. I'd be interested to know. Edit: Xbox is down too. Weird! Coincidence??
  8. I am really close to finishing this on Survival, HC -- If I figure it out, I'd be willing to help people with strategy (pretty sure there's got to be someone out there who has done it legit already), but it won't help if they're not a good player. It's like WoW -- Strats are right under your noses, but you have to have the skill and the gear to do it. There is no 'set strategy' for any boss fight in WoW or any map on Dungeon Defenders. You adapt to your classes in game, and whoever is geared to do what. Best of luck to you all!
  9. Yeah, I forgot to do the quote thing. Sorry about that :-)
  10. Saying that they're a very smart company for doing what they are doing? Already done that. Heck, I work for them.
  11. Probably hacked -- I've seen some weapons pretty close to that, but never a staff ;-)
  12. I disagree. I have a lot of fun playing in public games. Hackers are not very common in public games (even if they hacked to get their items, their items are legit). I like to meet new people. I also like to show off how easy nightmare challenges are when you have done them a billion times (my favorite, the storming challenge :-) ).
  13. I'd have to agree. :-/ 23 survival HC ftl...
  14. I guess my tactic to build towers to defend towers works -- perhaps you're not doing it right. If you'd like, you can team up and watch me play any nightmare map of your choice to see how I do it. Just let me know!
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