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  1. I just wanted to express my gratitude to everyone who has added to this thread - a lot of fascinating information and, perhaps most importantly, real numbers. I'd be amiss not specifically mentioning Dingle - thank you. But to everyone really, good answers first require good questions. I hope Trendy takes notice and understands that this current loot system is turning off the majority of its fan base and paying customers. This is not an issue of crybabies wanting it easy. There's a huge middle ground between easy and the current mechanics.
  2. the game isn't "too hard". Just very, very, very annoying at times and the loot system is utter crap. I went back and forth debating the title for this thread. It wasn't really about loot progression, which has been discussed to death. It wasn't about a broken RNG. I realized I could already 'beat the game,' yet didn't feel done and that's when it hit me - The goal was to just keep getting better gear. Since I was putting in a ton of time and not getting it, 'Dungeon Defenders should be easier.' But I understand your point and I'm pretty sure we're on the same page anyway.
  3. one point of criticism: there couldn't be a re-roll mechanic that could reroll an item more than a few times. whenever you put in a rejection parameter on something as overreaching as loot, giving it infinite rerolls is asking for a crashed game. Fair point. Clearly my inexperience with programming is rearing its head. My thought was that its easier to add a filter than redo the current system and I hoped simplicity would encourage Trendy to enact a change. Perhaps a forced reroll a limited number of times would work, though of course if time and resources weren't an issue then I'd definit
  4. I have trouble writing anything that isn't somewhat long winded, and I don't feel bad in asking that anyone who participates/replies at least read everything I say in this OP. Perhaps its a bad start to begin with what some people will consider a criticism, but I've seen time and again when threads completely derail thanks to people either outright skipping past the nuance or a large lack of reading comprehension. That said, here we go. There have been many threads discussing the alleged bugs of the RNG, the roll over bug, and lately a bug that supposedly causes large swaths of loot to d
  5. Seriously, why people leave their items on the floor? I always hope they forget to lock the items, because it's a really stupid thing. The bank exists for a reason. So... I think you deserve it. I had a little trouble parsing this sentence, but I'm fairly sure you essentially admitted you want people to forget. Presumably so you can take their stuff. I hope you're not an adult.
  6. For what it's worth, I never got the upgrade tile during the times I played, before or after patch. If it weren't for the forums, I wouldn't know it was even possible.
  7. I originally bought DD on my Xbox 360 and loved it. Its truly disheartening how much the big wigs interfere on consoles and it drove me to buy it on the PC. Starting over sucks, but I'd encourage console players to make the switch.
  8. In general I think the current buff beam mechanics are fine. Big risk vs big reward. As to the OP's mention of djinn desummoning from inside a wall, then the bug involved is a mob getting stuck in a wall. Changing the buff beam, or any tower, to accommodate is focusing on the wrong issue. I suppose you could argue from a pragmatic sense its easier to change the towers but I don't really know enough about programming in general or DD's in specific to comment. That being said, I kinda like the idea of using upgrades like the buff beam's HP. Big Picture, if the game was a little easier it
  9. I can't do anything about the game to game items that I attempted to make in hinds sight - but I do regret not knowing specifically that even those were not allowed despite Steam allowing TF2 in game items/ other games /expansion trades. Forgive my ignorance on this, does Steam allow trading between games in certain cases?
  10. This is a sad situation. To the OP - Don't listen to anyone who criticizes you for being naive or making a mistake. Forgetting to lock your door doesn't make it okay for someone else to rob your house. The blame lies purely with the thief. Though I definitely recommend double checking your settings every time you play with others.
  11. I'm always of two minds with situations like this. On one hand, the rules against anything outside the game being used as currency for anything inside the game are pretty standard across all online games. And if simply expressing ignorance to the rules was all it takes to reverse the situation, everyone would do so. Its hardly realistic that a company, especially a relatively small one like Trendy, would have the resources to truly investigate and keep track of everyone's actions. Of course, the fact its just a game makes me wanna say what difference does anyone's actions make if it doe
  12. Thanks for doing the preview, as a member of the community its encouraging to see interaction. Anyone here able to explain what exactly caused the Boss Rush DU count to go over the limit?
  13. While I appreciate the attempts to explain the extra DU, I still don't understand. I read a few possibilities there. 1) The presents costs less DU, but once it becomes a real tower then its full, normal DU cost is taken from the pool. If this is the case it even further limits the Jester's towers. It would mean to take advantage of the lower DU, you have to get all the right towers from the right presents within very few waves, if not a single ultra lucky wave. 2) The DU counter is simply behind the times and not working as intended. Its counting full DU's of spawned towers instead of the
  14. I'd love a code for the original game to pass on to a buddy. I talk to him about DD every day and he's interested but his entertainment budget is even tighter than mine. :o
  15. Well this thread suddenly exploded with attention. I can't say I expected the number of responses but all in all I think it came out rather well. Some new information and strategies have been suggested for the Jester and that's what I really wanted. I generally said what I wanted to say in the OP, but after watching the Jester preview I'm both more excited and more disappointed and wanted to address it. The bad: Right off the bat, there weren't any surprise abilities. Indeed her last two tower slots are simply empty. Pausing the preview vid you could see that presents show their od
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