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  1. lol at people thinking trendy has a QA team. You are the QA team.
  2. ITT people who don't know what pre-alpha means. This game is not feature complete and developers can't implement a good system without a huge amount of testing. You actually paid to be the test subjects for the development. Most games just sell you the release version as a beta but DD2 is an actual still-in-developing alpha mess. Kudos to the developers. This game needs serious development time to be even considered on par with DD1. Better come back in a year if you want something playable.
  3. It worked pretty good in DD1. You can't buy yourself top gear if you don't have the gold for it. It's all about gold and gear-drop-balance.
  4. It's quite different with early access / free to play games. Most games are considered released if there are no more wipes. Alpha/beta are mostly marketing terms. I would even say more often than not an official release is bad for the game as it often means the playerbase is too small to sustain a profit for the company. The game gets quickly released and the devs can call it a day. For f2p titles you should hope they stay in open beta as long as possible.
  5. Rnd is rnd. One of the first staffs dropped for me after the patch was DP+Frostfire
  6. You don't need a wipe to make all gear obsolete. Only a map with 10 more ipwr. Also a wipe will not help much in making things fair for new players. Hardcore players will farm the highest ipwr map after 2 days anyway. So it doesn't really matter.
  7. Overbalancing and simplification results in boringness.
  8. Yes, it absolutely makes sense if you want to earn money with the game. Won't make much money when most people won't bother at all with it. Yes it will. If you look at F2P monetization statistics you will see that F2P games typically make the most money from just 5% of the playerbase who do spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in these type of slot machines.
  9. Yes, it absolutely makes sense if you want to earn money with the game.
  10. So... the afk detector works just fine?
  11. It's not that expensive because usually gimmick pets are something you buy after you got all your ubers already (there is only one useful uber anyway atm) . It's only 2 weeks after the wipe...
  12. That or it's meant as a LONG term goal. (long in the sense of over the course of months) Not in a game like this, loot comes and goes too quickly, It's untested, it's like the hardest map in the game having a boss with 20k hp, wtf is that. Do they test the game or what? NM1 is harder than nm4 progression wise and even with full gear nm1 is harder than nm4 life root incursion. The leveling for pets is also horrible after level 20, if i can't kill the pet and get the exp back why would i bother changing my pet skin, this will hurt the sales of paid pet skins. Logic? Just because the game has
  13. When did you write this post??? That's long fixed... Betsy campaign doesn't give much exp anymore and freeplay exp is heavily boosted. lolthread.
  14. I replied to the OP. The dummy match thing will get fixed for sure. That's just raw implementation of the tavern system (it's an alpha version). I think they are pretty much fixed on going f2p so asking why there is a public tavern is like asking why they want money from you to play the game.
  15. This must be a joke. Before the public tavern was implemented everyone cried for a public tavern like in DD1. REASON: the game feels empty and like a singleplayer game without a public tavern. Also many multiplayer features are not yet introduced (trading etc) this is to be expected. You are playing an alpha version. They could let the players choose a default tavern. Though this would be in contradiction to their f2p monetization plans. (More social aspect -> better skin sells etc) In case you didn't know: DD2 will go f2p. That means it will live off people who want to show their skins t
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