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  1. Does anyone have a pic of the stats? I haven't seen it and can't find a pic of it.
  2. Absolutely nothing :D Other than the event's :) But nothing that I can think of.
  3. I'm using an Arronax:apprentice: 1406 dmg - 12 charge lol
  4. Well, it looks like a steambot. Nothing else in this game looks like a little ball with a head on it. I think it's safe to say it's a steambot.
  5. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?67994-Sgt.-Jumbo-Ready-for-duty! First post in this thread shows the picture :)
  6. Oh haha I'm like skipping to the end of the thread to find it :P Thank you! :)
  7. Whut? O.o Where are you guys finding the stats?
  8. lol I woulda been scared too! haha it was worth it though! sorta lol
  9. Do you think he flew to a lamp maybe?? O.o It might be a glitch, but I just think he flew to another lamp that you two may have overlooked. I've never had that to me before, at least you made it! :D
  10. Told you guys it was a steambot How did thou knoweth it was a steam bot? lol:p
  11. I read everything in the past couple pages and forgot what the topic was about. Anyway, I'm happy it's going to be raised to 90, it'll give people a purpose tto play this game. Insane+ seems like a challenge, would be fun, hopefully it will still be a challenge when we rreach lvl 90. I look forward to it!:)
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