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  1. I love how trendy bans people for this, yet does NOTHING to users when you report them on the forums and post screen shots of their hacks and modifications.
  2. I realize that the game is based off the UT3 engine so that in itself makes it hard to manage. But I have played recent UT3 engine games like Tribes Ascend and hacking just doesn't seem as big of an issue. I think most of the player stats are located on the server, not on the client computers. So this is what makes hacking all that much harder. Any word if Trendy will make DD server side? Or would that be too much of an undertaking? People with INSANE stats, people selling hacked items and hacked mana for USD, people making games unexciting as their towers and mele weapons one hit everythi
  3. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198016087555
  4. I seen a guy with a lvl 249 giraffe with all four hero and tower bonuses at 400 and his giraffe was at lvl 1 of 249. I have only been able to get a giraffe in the 70s and the stats where nothing too great. I strongly prefer one of mu robots who is in the 120s. Sadly I didn't take a screenshot of this item. Just looked fishy and at the time I was a little naive and just took him at his word.
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