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    Update 1.3 Preview

    I'd really love to see you fix the tooltips, for example when trying to hover over a tower the tooltip will either not show or go away instantly half the time, it can be quite frustrating. [PC]
  2. Not true. Could have been a typing error, lack of internal communication, wrong files, who knows. You can't just assume Trendy's trying to screw everyone over. What do they accomplish by doing that? Nothing, but that hasn't stopped countless other devs doing it with countless other games in the past.
  3. I have no interest to play now, honestly the ridiculous amount of farming was starting to get boring anyway.
  4. Once a developer starts practising shady tactics like stealth nerfs you know there's no hope for them.
  5. not the tower values, try to find them you'll be exciting :) There's nothing I enjoy more than being exciting.
  6. Well if you want to complain send Trendy a nice email stating your concerns, if there is enough people concerned about it they will surely take it into consideration. Or we could you know.... use the forum?
  7. I hear insane Glitter is beautiful this time of year.
  8. And you guys call xbox users when they wine about not getting all the dlc. Trendy do their hardest to release dlc and the latest patches for you. Don't fault them, they just listened to what their beta testers told them. Maybe if you drop them a kind email stating your view on the nerfing they may listen. Otherwise don't make a thread on the forums wining about the patch. We most certainly will complain about a game breaking patch.
  9. I almost feel like they did nothing but internal beta testing, or their beta testers didn't want to vocalize any misgivings about the nerf. Exactly how I feel. I'm guessing the "testers" were too scared to voice their concerns or they just simply suck at testing.
  10. The people sticking up for Trendy really annoy me, you are the reason this game will die a brutal death. In the past I have praised Trendy on a job well done, because they did a good job, but now they've screwed up on a level I can barely fathom and they need to understand this. The brown nosing needs to stop and Trendy need to be held accountable for their mistakes. I love(d) this game and I have recommended it to many friends who have bought it and I'd like nothing more than it to continue to grow and get better but that won't happen if you have forum white knights who are blind to the probl
  11. QQ....jeeze... yes they screwed some stuff up... but its only been 6 hours since it came out. Give them some time to figure out what all is wrong and get with their guys that can write a patch to fix the problems. All these " OMGZ ITS RUINED WTF TRENDY IM QUITING" posts and comments are not needed and just make out the majority of the people posting such thing to look like they are spoiled little kids who stomp their feet when they dont get their way. Someone once told me there's stuff to do outside, maybe you guys should look into that and give Trendy some time to get stuff in order. -Sen
  12. By far one of the worst patches I have ever experienced in any game. It's so bad I will be quitting the game, just shy of 400 hours played. I loved the game, but you ****ing ruined it.
  13. I just talked to some friends of mine who play dd. every one of them said after they check out the barbarian, they're taking a break from dd. it's all because of this patch. this was a very bad move guys, please do something before this fantastic game dwindles on the vine. you can buff the squire without destroying the other classes. Same, me and my friends will be quitting, this patch may be the worst patch in the history of gaming, apart from the one that killed Star Wars.
  14. Is there anything they didn't screw up in this patch? Complete jokers. If I was them I'd just hold my hands up, admit this was an epic fail and just rollback the patch.
  15. Ya know, I don't think people realize the math on this sort of statement. Let's consider the PC market. There are literally millions of combinations of operating systems, graphics cards, CPUs, and RAM that testing for even a bare majority of it all is incredibly time intensive. Then take into account that game testing is a highly thankless job, and that it is hard to have people test stuff the way it needs to be tested. Most people just look at beta testing as: OOOOOH, I get to play before everyone else! Now the actual numbers. Let's say you are releasing a game, and that on release d
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