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  1. I want to try to trade for the Collectors Edition while it's still on sale, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post trade offers here on the forums, or in the steam forums for the game. Is it legal to do so?
  2. Damn that sucks, I only have $40 to spare. Guess I'll get the base game, and see if I have any money for the CE in a month or two. Thanks for the replies!
  3. Do you need to buy the base game in order to purchase the collectors edition? I assumed it would be available as a separate purchase, but steam has it listed as DLC, and says it's an upgrade and that you need the base game to buy it. Sorry if this has been asked before, I did some searching and couldn't find an answer.
  4. And yet you will not respond to any posts concerning loot or the RNG. Read forums much? It's probably because there isn't anything to say. RNG isn't "broken", it's "working as intended". Yeah, 99.9998% of the loot is absolute crap, but their official response is: "dat luck". Nothing we can do but complain, then move on.
  5. Wat... You are in the future! I have 2 months Sent from my SGH-T959 using Tapatalk 2 Hah, my bad, I meant two XD.
  6. I come back for a week or so whenever they release new DLC, but other then that I was done a few months ago.
  7. Halloween is next month, I'd love to see a new Halloween Spooktacular mission, maybe way harder then the current one, with a loooooot more XP and way better drops. That would be a lot of fun. Really looking forward to themed tavern's again, those were a lot of fun (haven't had one since Valentines day I think =d)
  8. btw what s your weapon of choice for high dps, huntress/ev/jester ( we use all three) thanks I use the Classic's staff from Boss Rush for my EV. I think mine is 190^s, and i do about 5m dps with it if I time it right, with around 1k in hero attack.
  9. It's true. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Not sure what possessed them to do that. Perhaps it's a bug. It was intended, and imo it makes sense that the older versions are much more powerful at the cost of movement speed.
  10. Bad luck =/ I got two giraffes from Alch labs, both have all + in tower stats, I think the attack is over 400, HP is around 300, and the other two are around 200. Just keep doing runs, and you'll get lucky eventually (the map is also really easy, and only takes a couple hours from wave 1-25)
  11. There we go again with the old players had it easier bull****, it simply is not true. Try dealing with djinn without summoners or evs or barbs or jesters, that's how old players had it. +1 The "old" players definitely did not have it easy. Spiders may be nothing more then an annoyance now, but I remember back when they came out, they were impossible to deal with. The forums were full of "REMOVE SPIDERS FROM THE GAME NOW", or "SPIDERS ARE TOO OP, THEY TAKE ALL THE FUN OUT OF THE GAME", etc. After a month or two, people learned to deal with them (after a bajillion nerfs from trendy), an
  12. Voted for the wrong option, damn shame there isn't any way to take votes back T_T. Glad to see the elitist players get their way yet again ^_^.
  13. Yes you are, in other post in this very same thread you were commenting about how King's is not that easy and much less afk able. If you want to remain stuck into believing 3k stats will purchase you any NMHCMM run, an statement which btw shows how bad at this game you are, then fine, remain so, just stop it with the bull****, Trendy guarantees that you will get to keep your shinny King's loot, which some believe will send them to 4k in less than a week...HA! Yeah, 406 hours (maybe 10 of them are from having an AFK shop up), who's farmed the hell out of any and every map I can using my own b
  14. First you can get 2.5k stats with trans alone. For each class you need maybe 1 stat to be really high. Builders were not out. we had 4 summoners out without minions. I do not think that requires skill which is why I think the map is to easy. All stats do is allow you to add more characters and have an easier time on the map. We started playing again about 2 weeks before sky came out. We started aqua non mix with 2 monk dps unable to beat it and slowly worked our way to beating it. Then going to mix with monks and slowly adding an extra character as our stats got better. If you think
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