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  1. Ah I see, you have to win with the class you want to unlock the costume for heh, took on two well geared barbs and won hehe, had to make a dps app just for the outfit XD
  2. Restarting DD does not seem to fix this issue either.
  3. I've won two times now against others both on nightmare and insane, the first one I won I got the items but not the costume, the second time I didn't get anything, both times I tried editing my app and the costume said it was still locked. Am I missing something here, does the host not get the costume, do I have to win the game playing as an app or what? Edit: yeah, I didn't know you had to win with the hero you wanted to unlock the costume for, so the DLC is not broke just not fare for Mages.
  4. The new PVP challenge does not give the unlockable costume, I've won two times once on nightmare and once on insane, only the first time I was given items but both time I went to use the new costume and it still said I had not unlocked it yet, do I have to unlock it while playing the app or something?
  5. This is Trendy... "A lot of people are going to be unhappy with what we do with this patch, we can't make every one happy, so we might as well completely ignore the community, our customers that post unhappy threads, please to unnerf this or that threads, even though its 90% of the community that posts on our forums, lets just jock it up to that saying, you can't please everybody and just ignore our loyal customers" apart from a reply to this post from a trendy Dev, that's how I will take it, you should probably too, Trendy does not care and purposefully ignore their loyal customers and
  6. I still say they went too far with the app guard's castration, their nearly to the point of not worth using any more, nearly, towers that went from doing 50k are now doing around 20k or less, that's more then half, I could understand a 20% nerf but this, this is just too far. I've seen friends stop playing this game more so as of after this patch was released then the first two months of playing this game, I've had a couple stop playing for this patch in pacific, I think it was the last straw that broke the camel's back, for them and I myself is heading down that path. and I'll say again,
  7. I hope Trendy sees their error of their ways in this latest patch and de-nurf guardians. But on a second note, the Barbarian, where do I start, well, the thing that made me fall and love with DD, was the simplicity of it, yet challenging strategies need to be thought up to play the game but at its core, it was a simple game that you could sit back and enjoy, playing long hours of a simple yet very fun game, no combos needed to do great dmg, simple clicks here and there and now... Well left click right click left click right cl.... You get the picture, it takes the simpleness out of the ga
  8. I have to say that I'm rather disappointed to see what appear to be undocumented nerfs. My apprentice towers are much less effective as of this patch, both in terms of damage and fire rate. Also, I'm not sure if it's just the reduced effectiveness of the towers themselves but it almost seems as though my apprentice and huntress guardians are less effective as well. There are also reports already that weapon projectile speed has taken a dramatic hit. While it's possible that these are bugs, it seems somewhat implausible that every aspect of my towers' effectiveness would suffer said bugs
  9. I as well was just in a run with Draz, it went smooth as ever and went off with out a hitch, he didn't charge a single mana or anything for that matter, like it should be and took less then an hour to finished, it was as simple as wait for the invite, pop in, shoot orges, repair walls and towers when needed and wait for the queen to die, after that, that was it, simple as that. Thanks again Draz!
  10. Sorry for any that's been waiting, I'm done doing Spire runs for today, I'll post again when I'm doing more spire runs. On a side note, from now on, I'll only be helping one person at a time, the number of NPC and their health jumps pretty good with 3 people in the game, though its possible for my setup to beat it, its not always a for sure then, so yeah, one person at a time from now on heh.
  11. Currently helping two people, slots are full, I'll post when and if any open.
  12. Update: Alright I'm back, for those that might of been waiting, go ahead and send invites, then message me once you see that I accepted. First come first serve.
  13. Cool, can't wait for my chance to play wiff him.
  14. Update: Currently taking a small brake will start back up again in about 3 hours. Also, it seems my build will handle fine with more then two players so I'll allow 2 players to piggy back some exp once I start up again, will leave a post once I start doing runs again.
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