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  1. Restart steam. This would work; however, Steam will want to close Dungeon Defenders first. This is where terminating the DunDefGame.exe process comes into play.
  2. Hi All- I have found that this frequently happens if I close the game, and attempt to restart it. The problem is that when the game closes, sometimes it remains in memory, and the process must be terminated before I can host another game. To do this, press CTRL + ALT + Delete, start the Task Manager, look for the process "DunDefGame.exe" and end the process. If you're having the same issue I was having with hosting a game, this fixed it for me.
  3. Were you the one buying everything in my shop? Sales have really slowed down...
  4. What you really need is help clearing campaign on NM (not hc) so you can unlock survival. Once survival is unlocked, you're off to the races. I started off farming 1-10 to no end gearing about every class combination. Even at Wave 10 on rare occasion you'll get a decent drop to sell in an afk shop. Doing all of this many, many times you'll have a lot of items to sell and therefore will have a lot of mana to upgrade your gear. After you break through the ice on Wave 10, you're not far away from getting to Wave 20. Currently I can solo to around 21/22 if I'm lucky... working to get higher
  5. Was this done on purpose to force us to use Apprentice towers for some thing? :|
  6. To go along with this... As someone who likes to play in 1st person perspective on huntress for dps, I can say that the large guns makes this impossible. I seriously think my weapon now takes up at least 1/3 of my 1920x1080 monitor. Is this really necessary?
  7. Yes, the pets are pure novelties once you get past level 30 or so in the game (which takes no time at all) and the portal gun is literally useless for solo play and all but useless if you are in a group. For $2.99, just snap it up quick as the game sells out fast on Amazon whenever they put it up for sale at that price. Does Amazon really have only a certain number they can sell? When you buy a game from them, you download it, so you don't actually get a box. I bought the game off Amazon around Christmas for $1.99.
  8. I realize that Trendy isn't interested in having just one weapon be a super weapon, but the Retribution is worse than the DT now. When standing at a safe range, you only hit with 1 projectile, which is comparable to the DT where you'd hit with one disc. My DT is maxed out at ^230 19000 damage, and my Retribution is maxed out at ^249, and my DT does 100k more dps with that single projectile. I think projectile damage needs to be changed. Make the projectiles closer to the center of the arc do more damage than the spanning waves. Something like: 15% | 35% | 35% | 15% Also, I would rat
  9. Hello, I have seen similar maps, but none exactly like mine. Since I've borrowed and tweaked a few things from here, I thought I'd make a contribution. It's a small map with not many options, so I'm sure someone made something like this which I just haven't seen yet. This map got me through wave 20 solo before I got bored and died. There were a couple of random hits on the crystal, but I'm not sure where they came from. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/cubicleninja/html5/dd/index.htm?layout=17769
  10. Very interesting. How far did you get with it?
  11. Just level up a squire and pass over all of your gear. The only thing you'll need is a new weapon and you'll get way more dps. :)
  12. I'm in favor of resuming if you reconnect within 5 minutes of dropping. This would save you from the wonderful steam disconnects and allow you to continue where you left off instead of having your ****** wash your mouth out with soap.
  13. I don't like the thought of getting scammed by selling items valued over 200 million unless I know them, or they pay first, so I usually prefer trades. If Trendy bans these people I'd feel more comfortable with it. I was thinking about Frapsing the trade conditions and the execution should things go wrong. Would Trendy do anything if I submitted a scammer in progress?
  14. Has anyone done the math on proper ratios yet? On past searches, people have said 4:3 is best, but I'm wondering if anyone has done some post nerf analysis. I'm currently upgrading my second app gear set and am currently at 679 / 1701 / 939 / 1257 with about 80 points to spare. Does the 4:3 ratio still apply to higher levels?
  15. How would being on the moon affect how quickly a projectile travels? I was thinking more along the lines of the relationship of relative velocity. In any case, I too am disappointed by the update. Before the patch, I found it very difficult to gear myself without purchasing gear from people who have already been there. It was challenging, and time consuming, but do-able. Now it might still be, but I'm not sure how yet. I would've liked to have seen squire propped up more than other classes brought down. Other classes being brought down brings discontent and frustration to players who a
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