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  1. well im kinda stuck , i cant get past HC misty level stuff , i cant buy anything useful for max mana you can store on 1 account . i see on forums people are buying for 10, 20 even 30+ bil mana , so do i need to buy 15 accounts so i could compete with others ? or there is some trick there how to store insane amount of mana ?
  2. U need team of 4. Follow the guide in forum on how to place tower. There is no such thing call can't do it without hack i meant no chance solo..... ''Update: Im still Solo'n her'' ''I forgot about the Ogers. Hell I thought they where all dead. I was wrong and one got my crystal. Other wise I would of got her''
  3. i agree , im stuck in DD ..cant get better stuff then from NM misty i try for days , cant buy any good items no one sell it for mana , now only left to hack or to buy hacked items for USD .
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