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  1. http://youtu.be/aocwM9iOs1Y I wouldn't do ramparts on hard until you max tower attack rate and tower damage. Up until 60 you might want to do deeper well on insane. It is VERY easy.
  2. I guess my point is that even if Trendy sticks to their word and submits the patch in January, we're realistically not going to get it until the end of the month at the soonest (or, at the latest, early March). In the meantime, that's an entire month I could be playing the game without 30-40 points potentially going to waste. Can anyone please be constructive and tell me if there's something else I should be putting my points into? Or, better yet, has anyone done the math to figure out exactly where the speed cap comes into effect? I'd much prefer that to someone just telling me "it'll be patc
  3. I don't quite understand the meaning of this post. What do you mean "everything tower wise will be capped and then some"? I'm not referring to the 70-point cap that all stats have, I'm talking about the fact that no matter how fast you get your towers, Magic Missile and Fireball towers are capped at 1/second (for example, when I press square to check my towers' stats, my MM towers tell me they can attack every 0.25 seconds, but they fire nowhere near that fast). The same problem existed in the PC version, but of course they patched it several months ago. It's being fixed. I'm saying cap it a
  4. Considering the bugged cap on Tower Attack Speed on the Apprentice's towers, is it worth maxing Tower Attack Speed? I know it's useless for Magic Missile and Fireball towers (since their speed stops increasing fairly quickly), but is it worth maxing it out for the other towers? By the time you get to level 70 tower spec everything tower wise will be capped and then some. Do it.
  5. Plz message me VIETNAMESEL3GEND, and give me ure price.... What specs?
  6. Here is a pretty decent guide for it. It doesn't have everything but it's a start http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?24717-perfect-drop-compendium&p=184831[[893,hashtags]] Good find dude.
  7. What's the easiest level to play Survival, and why? I've heard a lot of people say Alchemical Lab, but I don't understand why that's preferable over a map with less chokepoints, like Foundries & Forges. To be honest i would probably recommend either Deeper Wells or Foundries and Forges. Basically just depends on what your type of character you have. If you have a squire than i would recommend Deeper Wells and just using blood rage. Stick near the crystal, ofc, and continuously pick up the mana. Your blood rage will go down much slower obv. Other than a squire i really can't say. Good luc
  8. I know there's an unofficial wiki with weapons listed, but what i'm looking for is a list of the top weapons used for each class, and where they can be obtained from. It's coming.
  9. I prefer Spirit Champion's Mageblade for the +17 tower attack. Goblin Overlord's has two +17's, but rate of fire and area of effect are the third and fourth of the tower stats I tend to focus on. I just looked at classic's guide for giraffe and saw that spirit champion's mageblade should be better.
  10. We want costumes on Xbox 360! Is it possible to make a mod that can give costumes on consoles? If it has already been done pl0x let me know >:} -
  11. I'm not sure how well App towers will hold up on later waves, but either way, I'd wait until you're level 70, you won't be able to use the Giraffe before that anyway. Probably what i'll end up doing. Besides, my towers hold up perfectly on ramparts (hard), and i level up every time (almost twice). The mana you get from it is pretty good for a lower level too.
  12. np message me sometime curious to see an apprentice set up w the patch coming his (apprentice) towers should get buffed also i can lvl your other players Thanks man :P EDIT: Oh i did a second respec on my app. and got his damage to 102, fire rate to 98, range to 60 (doesn't really need that much higher since i'm just doing ramparts atm), and health to 70. I'll just continue to look for better armor that helps with towers. What about pets too? Could i find an animus from summit that would be good enough for tower spec or should i just get giraffe? Also, is goblin overlord's charge the best t
  13. I'm going to rain on your parade a bit. Your videos are not worth watching. I would consider them "brag" videos with almost no value to people who watch them. There's nothing really instructional or helpful in them. They don't even demonstrate any gameplay aside from attacking the training dummy. You did get six more hits though. His videos are trendy man. Pun intended.
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