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  1. We are currently looking into resolving this, for the next DD1 update/content release. Thanks all! -Jeremy
  2. Yes indeed! :) DunDef 2 has all the gameplay calculations & networking handled by Trendy servers via our new 'Playverse' service. Game Clients are only responsible for basic mouse/keyboard/gamepad input sent to the servers for processing. Thus no hacking, and seamless portability of your profile to whatever devices/platforms you will play on. Gonna be fun :D Cheers, Jeremy
  3. Haha totally awesome (as are all the others you've created), you rock :) -Jeremy
  4. I love this thread. You get a :crystal: ! :) -Jer
  5. There will be controller support, both for the MOBA and Cooperative modes. I love playing with controllers ;) -Jer
  6. 88 small coal does nothing. Actually, it does do something... :)
  7. To answer this thread, it's gonna happen, the adventure ain't over yet. Stay 'tooned' :) -Jer
  8. We're always happy to have as many players enjoy DunDef as we can, 's all :) Cheers, Jeremy
  9. It's now posted to Steam! Has all the latest and greatest code & content thru Holiday 2012, and fixes a bug with cooking maps that have sublevels. Enjoy :) -Jeremy
  10. Coal's permanent, as part of the Holiday 2012 maps. -Jer
  11. Once we're done with any hotfixes for the Steam version that may come up in the next 24h of live play, we'll get the HIB DRM free versions updated! -Jer
  12. The Xmas DLC will be going free when the Xmas content releases, as soon as Valve updates their storefront. That -should- release later tonight, or early tomorrow at latest! Cheers, Jeremy
  13. Holidays 2012 includes TWO new maps, both the Challenge and a totally new Campaign Map with its own twists.
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