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  1. Sigh, tomorrow is the day I leave for Lake Powell. It's beautiful there, but there is a distinct lack of Eternia crystals.
  2. *Complain when updates are too frequent *Complain when the updates aren't frequent =P I certainly wasn't complaining - more like "Ooo, they've been quiet, I wonder what cool stuff they have in store". Unless, of course, they've fallen victim to the zombie apocalypse.
  3. I think this the longest I've seen the Upcoming Patch Notes post remain empty. I hope Trendy is working on something cool and that there hasn't been a migration of face-eating zombies from Miami or something like that.
  4. That's interesting. What was the change that made it so lit auras and the like wouldn't stack (other than being unable to place two lightning auras on top of each other, obviously)? Was it being throttled at 1 aura/trap at a time due to bandwidth considerations or something?
  5. And it's not really "doubling the DU". An orc is not worth the same as a harpoon or fireball by any means.
  6. I imagine that once they have an ETA, they'll post the ETA... like they do with every patch.
  7. They barely work on any other map either, so I'd imagine it's not too much of an adjustment to make? :) Seriously, though, I haven't tried them on that map.
  8. I've been very happy with the new Heroes so far. I was really excited for EV, but unfortunately the Beams just didn't really pan out for me. Well, let me take that back, the buff beam, walls, and reflects are nice but the Proton and Shock are just silly bad. For the cost of a harpoon you can have something that covers 1/10th of the area and lets Djinn sit outside and desummon it! Anyway, point being, the Summoner sounds like it's right up my alley. I really like the Pets in this game now that buff beams are available and I no longer feel like it's *mandatory* to take a Guardian at all times
  9. She IS double jointed, why do you think she's such a badass?
  10. Wow, so (buffed, anyway) it is literally inferior to a MM and costs almost triple the DU. Sheesh. The poor Apprentice needs a serious look over by the devs.
  11. So, there's something about Deadly Strike Towers that I don't understand and that looks to me like a bug: Why is it that the DST projectile will "explode" and stop a centimeter in front of a monster's face, even though it's clearly in range? Example: Endless Spires, I have a DST and a MM (buffed) pointing towards a Crystal (at Wyverns) for testing. Wyvern flies in, the DST starts firing and the projectile "splats" in front of it's nose 4-5 times before it actually hits. I know the Wyvern wasn't out of range previously, because the MM tower starts firing.. and hitting... stuff at similar rang
  12. Hey everybody, look! Malibu is grumpy!
  13. The thing is, builds using buff beams gain little to no advantage using a guardian. Guardians definitely still help, especially if you have a good one. My 98 boost Huntress guardian significantly boosts the towers over what a buff beam alone can do. Keep in mind, that huntress buffed tower is doing double damage and has significant boost to range as well from the BB, it's just shooting even faster. I like using DPS pets sometimes too, but guardians are still very nice. They're just not the only legitimate choice anymore.
  14. I swapped to squire after much frustration. I put a lot into resists, I tried to get HP up (but Player Health gives soooo little return for App...) and I still couldn't live. Sometimes you just have to repair something, or a DWE blindsides you. As an app, you are dead, that's it. Harpoons are just greater than anything the mage has except for very particular situations, where I'd say it's about 50/50. One harpoon is greatly more effective than two MM, or even a FB+MM in my book. Granted, I think part of the problem is that Harpoons are just too damn good. I feel like they've taken over the e
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