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  1. Will we actually get some news about the direction of the game? Like, are you planning to change existing mechanics or focussing on new content? What's in the pipeline?
  2. It's quite simple. DD1 was a real tower defense game. Heroes were specialised in doing one thing. DD2 changed it's direction many times, first time when changing gear and then again when changing heroes. The hero swap mid-wave mechanic was the worst decision in my opinion that has been made. DD1 was hard to play in the beginning, especially as a solo player. But that is exactly what a co-op game should be alone - HARD. I understand that they wanted to get more money out of DD2 and I am totally fine with that. But the game itself is not a worthy successor of DD1. You actually needed some ta
  3. Wanna know what I think? You missed nothing. You can wait pretty much two or more years, maybe this game will be in an enjoyable state then. I am pretty disappointed of many decisions TE has made. They launched way too early in their so-called "Early Access" which was nothing more than a kickstarter funding, in my opinion. I still hope to get a nice game in maybe two years. But right now? Not worth the time. Edit: Holy ***, this forum software is still crap. Just tried to whitelist this site for NoScript via accessing a simple VPN and browser, so at first nothing got posted and then my a
  4. Are you serious? I mean that counter thing, LA is already ***, whole Monk is useless in my opinion. So, I have to wait another 6-8 months before I finally go back into to the game? Alright.
  5. I still don't understand this whole "NM# shouldn't exist" logic. I guess Easy Normal Hard Insane shouldn't either. Just one difficulty is fine. It's all semantics. It's just another way of scaling the game to keep up with equipment. They can still give us all the other stuff we want. No difficulty at all or NM 1-100, if we get everything else we want, would you still care? You keep stating it like a fact when it really doesn't matter at all. Edit: By "you" I mean everyone who says it. I'm not targetting you specifically. Usually I don't enter in end-game discussions. Because everyone ha
  6. Hate to ask again, but.. Barbarian is still to be released after "The Big Thing"? Didn't read anything mentioning him in the update.
  7. I love playing Barbarian. Sometimes you want others to build and brain-afk-dps all mobs to death. That's pretty much barbarian time for me. Enjoying the towers and clearing bosses or that lane where mobs get too close. They mentioned it in the last devstream that Barbarian would be the next announcement after "the big thing".
  8. Hell yes, an offensive mode would be great. But not now. Focus should be bugs and end-game right now. Edit: Oh, finally they announced barb. Now I am hyped.
  9. Also occuring on PC, especially after playing a map and going back to tavern. No way to get back to the tavern (=hub) without exiting the game. Due to my quote I forgot what I wanted to say initially.. Edit: My frostbite towers never seem to work, just saying.
  10. Hey community, hey Trendy. This post is especially devoted to you. This is not really to be answered by the community itself, because most of us aren't playing this since day 1. And many tend to be very subjective when it comes about criticism of their beloved games. When I finally had the time today to go through the patch notes after a few weeks, I was wondering why we are still in the Early Access phase. Trendy, please be honest about this. I'm here since DD1 release and DD2 pre-alpha (where we even had no items in the game). Are you still focusing on the free-to-play release or ju
  11. What, I am playing Apprentice for many months now. App towers have never been more useful than now. They got even more health (before, they really were like glass cannons). Of course, soloing is not possible due to resistances, but that's great. I don't think he's too weak. But being compared with Squire, Squire's Cannonball Tower does too much AoE in my opinion.
  12. I read through a lot of pages. Usually, I would say "bring back Tower Speed!!!!!". I do agree, but not for items. Instead of bringing it back to item stats, I would prefer to have skill points to use: 2 per level, 100 overall (or 3 per level and 150 overall). So, in addition to the stat points you get automatically per level up, you could invest two points per level for a few special stats. For example: Tower range, tower speed, mana reg, life reg ... +1 to tower range - increases the range of your towers by 0.25% (with 100 points a possible maximum of 25%), +1 to tower speed - increa
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