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  1. I don't think adding new achievs would remove UD from players already having it. Also there is achiev for beating survival on every camp map. You could add separate or one for every shards map surv beating for sure. Don't forget about palantir in map beating achievements. "Beat entire camp on any difficulty( easy to insane)/nm in one game run" , "Beat eternia shards with/without CD on any difficulty(easy/insane)/nm in one game run" Could be the same with original challenges. If devs like this idea we should brain storm new achievements
  2. why you hide last number of each stat ?
  3. and i thought that only i am facing the same douches in game.... " wow sir amazing summoner, plesa minions here here and here; please upgrade guys..." once everything is maxed mass kick BTW i named my char in very special way for rooms like this, but i assume hardly any gets what this nickname means
  4. PLease make joining through quick match more random ? Now its so "random" that it connects u to the same server over and over unless u have been kicked or server is gone...:skeleton:
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