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  1. Thank you for your reply, thank god it isn't over yet, after the shard expension I felt like there wasn't much left to do, I'm looking forward to the new things this year.
  2. Recently I started playing again, though I want some information, I heard rumors that there is not going to be much more content to the game, is this true? Will there be more special events, like a new Halloween mission? Sorry for my crappy english, but I just want to know if they are still very active and making new content for us.
  3. @Machiavell It should be a math thingy I guess, to bad I am bad at these :).
  4. Stone's Spear from volcanic eruption or something, Nosfurato thingy from Halloween mission, cardboard tube which I'm still looking for random drop or tavern, or lemurian harb from aquanos. Please have mercy with my grammar.
  5. Search for BFG from doom, remove the G from Gun and add Drill.
  6. Sure, ''that character'' isn't him but got the same outfit. Bit weird how you guys are protecting hackers but okay. I though even in open it's not allowed?
  7. Nice:), anyway you also have a suspicious hacked myth. frostblade at your pictures....
  8. Wow, Dat knockback, sending enemies all the way to idk.
  9. Just do some levels, untill a decent one comes in your shop, Like NM ES, I say, Apprentice guardian for mage towers aura's and traps., Huntress for squire towers. Monk for aura's.
  10. Wyverns at Karathiki Jungle are bugged yea, sometimes, the towers just completely ignore them, Common way for me to fail on that map, now I'm waiting for a fix.
  11. @zeus9860, Wyverns at Karathiki jungle are weird, somehow a wave they always attack the crystal and harpoons are just ignoring them. Lost on NM because of that.
  12. Posted log, idk how to ad it, didn't saw a button for it, so I copy, paste.
  13. (18:29:04:646)Error: StartLocalVoiceProcessing(): Device is currently owned by another user (18:29:04:648)Exit: Preparing to exit. (18:29:05:115)Log: Killing save thread has thread (18:29:05:757)Exit: Game engine shut down (18:29:07:961)Exit: Windows client shut down (18:29:07:968)Exit: XAudio2 Device shut down. (18:29:08:156)Exit: Object subsystem successfully closed. (18:29:08:234)Log: Shutting down FaceFX... (18:29:08:234)Log: FaceFX shutdown. (18:29:08:276)Exit: Exiting. The last notes at my log, just closed the game because I couldn't make a game anymore. The first error is th
  14. Just woke up, private match worked, I did write -dowritelog at the launcher configure. When I can't make a game again, I will post my log asap. Thanks for your help guys, I guess eventually it just fixed.
  15. Well, I added it, It took 5 seconds longer to say Game creation failed. Then removed, just an instant error.
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