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  1. Thanks for the offer, but I have since managed to get a 300^ version for myself!
  2. 600M. Oh well, mana can be re-earned. At least now I know to avoid weapons with a clip size of 1! Thanks for the answer.
  3. I recently purchased a Blaster Rifle from an AFK shop - I had noticed that the clip size on the gun was 1 and knew that I was going to have to spend a good 20-30 levels upgrading it before it was really useable. However, when I got to the tavern and started putting levels into it, whenever I upgraded the clip size it would just stay set at 1. I put about 4 levels into the clip size before I stopped, moved over to Open and dumped as much into it as I could. Even after 60ish upgrades it was still resolutely set to 1. Is this a item a lost cause, or is it possible to get someone to take a look
  4. That isn't the bug thats happening to the gas trap. nothing like that, actually. its a bug where the gas trap simply doesn't function and will not trigger no matter what. and causes a wipe. No one knows what causes this failure nor exactly how to fix it. So we replace it each build phase. . It doesn't bug out to where it shrinks and loses its charges (no player stats) I know, I've had it happen to me in games as well, along with Darkness Traps failing to remove immunities. Swapping in the character that built them does fix it though, I've tested it.
  5. Tips: (Mix Mode) ... 2 Gas trap should be replaced every build phase and not upgraded (or did they fix that) ... The bug that affects traps also affects every other type of tower and aura, though it's less obvious with them. This is easily fixed though. If you swap to the builder that built the trap its detonation count will revert to what it should be (though the current detonation count doesn't increase with it, it will need to be repaired). My advice is not to upgrade Gas Traps during the Combat Phase, but rather wait until the Build Phase so that any bug can be immediately remedie
  6. It's not percentage based, your crystal must have less than 100 health remaining at the end of the wave. Skin of Your Teeth is not awarded on the first wave either. Carry on playing on Insane, let the first wave mobs bash on the crystal until it's low, then kill all but one mob, let that get it down to <100 hp, then kill it and play the rest of the map without taking any crystal damage. This nets you Skin of Your Teeth and Flawless Victory at the same time, as neither award considers the first wave. You can also go for a triple whammy and get Master Strategist too, as again, it doesn't
  7. Divide that by half and that is your resistance level in NM.. 60%. Dividing by half is equivalent to multiplying by 2.
  8. or what about "golden mana tokens" you can trade every 1,000,000 mana you have for a golden mana token. this way you can have a max of 2,000,214,700,000,000 mana or something like that. that should be enough mana i guess.. it it isn't enough: make platina tokens: 1000 golden tokens = 1 platina token Double (or triple) variable currency stores are an absolute pig to code, and reek of poor design. I've suggested devaluing items in the past, as it's one of the only ways to reduce the amount of mana in circulation without having to go down into the source code and change variable types.
  9. This is a very solid build. Every builder I used had sub 1k stats in every department (755/759/573/673 on Squire) and this comfortably made Wave 20. Would have gone further but my two allies both died at the start of the wave and I couldn't keep up the repairs solo. Crystal got killed by an Ogre's splash with 5 mobs remaining on the wave :(.
  10. Why would they need to recode to 64-bit for us to see better gear than we currently can? Changing the unsigned byte that stores the number of upgrades to a short would be more than enough. Most of the rest of the stat caps are artificial and can be changed without changing any variable types.
  11. I switch between over-the-shoulder and first person depending upon what I'm doing.
  12. The spam click style of the Barbarian attacks caused me to abandon it at level 1. Pre-Autofire Apprentice DPSing hurt my fingers more than enough for me to willingly go through that again with the Barbarian. Barbarian needs a configurable action bar far more than any other class does too.
  13. the code is lets just say is theoretical science. while actually playing the game is actual science being tested. and most if not all of you are basing your thoughts and opinions based on that piece of code which is taking out of context which doesnt have the other supporting pieces of code, being one who has mad maps on various games that involve loot drops. its never that simple, and hasnt been since mario brothers I'm sorry, I rarely do this, but I cannot adequately articulate my reaction to this drivel. That task will be delegated to Mr. Chan.
  14. the cap is 2,147,483,647, the maximum value for a 32-bit signed integer. No, it's soft-capped at 2,000,000,000 by Trendy.
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