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  1. Can we please get an Admin response that's not "If you're VAC banned, it's because of an illegitimate use of a 3rd party program/software. You will have to contact Steam Support for help", like I've seen in other similar threads? Many of us are well aware of what a VAC ban is, and such information is not useful to say the least. I'd just like to say that I supported Trendy and pre-purchased all 4 parts of the Eternia Shards DLC, even when there were still many bugs and imbalanced mechanics around. I sucked it up because I know Nightmare is still incomplete and I do look forward to the end p
  2. "VAC has confirmed that the ban on the account was applied legitimately." I dont think this sounds like we are not quite sure They say this for every single support ticket they receive about VAC bans. I highly doubt it's a manual response.
  3. Steam can check what VAC'd you. I have already contacted Steam, and they said they will not disclose what caused the ban, and that they will not be removing it. Since those are the 2 mods that I have ever used for DD (they're the only thing modified/added into my system folders, which VAC detects), I can only arrive at the conclusion that they were the reason behind it. @pgn: I would be very happy to provide you with proof if I know what kind of proof you're talking about. Since I can no longer go on Ranked, I can't screenshot or invite you to play with me.
  4. I've recently been VAC banned, yet the only mods I have are the Apprentice Auto-fire, and the Xbox controller emulator - neither of which were deemed illegal by you. From what I can see, many others have suffered the same consequences, and have had their playing privileges denied. I have already contacted Steam Support, and have yet to receive a reply; last I heard, they are horrible at dealing with cases regarding VAC bans. I absolutely did not want to place any blames, but you have done a poor job communicating with Valve/Steam, resulting in unreasonable and unjust VAC bans. You are not su
  5. If you have the apprentice autofire program, or the xbox emulator, that's probably why you're banned (if it's by VAC). Both are supposedly legit for DD, but Trendy has done a very poor job of communicating that with Steam. Best thing you can do is contact Steam Support, but they're unlikely to do anything about it. You can check by opening your Steam, go into View > Settings > VAC Status.
  6. Hack, some weapons can drop with high stats but this one isnt legit. If you're talking about the newer weapons, it's true that they're more often the ones that come with high stats, but through my experience in Misty, I've found older weapons with stats in the 300s.
  7. It's possible, but a very rare drop considering it has 2 300+ stats, with no negatives. But then again, equips with lower upgrades have a higher chances of dropping with higher stats.
  8. Ogres fight with 2 barbarians in each hand??? Quad weapons! With a huntress sniping from the top of his head.
  9. Moral of the story, the real winner will always be the demon lord.
  10. Orcs can now be enraged at half HP = 1.5x damage, 2x speed, but also take 1.5x more damage.
  11. Agreed. Most of them get sold anyway, when spaces become tight.
  12. Vampire - special ability 1: Emit a strong sparkling light that temporarily blinds and infatuates nearby targets. But all joking aside, I believe Trendy are currently working on newer characters (Series EV, the rumoured Jester, Summoner etc). Also, there aren't many special abilities about the classes in your suggestion, i.e, what can they bring to the game? Werewolves would do what a Barbarian does - fighting with strength and durability. Vampires would be better as a costume (see Apprentice halloween costume), since in order to be a class, it needs to have a specific niche and usability in
  13. Sounds interesting. It may be more complicated than it seems though, since a hero must be stripped of his current gears. But this can be remedied by only allowing entrance if nothing is equipped, as well as adding a special Tournament Forge for them to access the tournament gears, and only the tournament gears. And perhaps instead of using mana to upgrade, there can be tournament points rewarded dependent on your score at the end of the game. Those points can then be used to upgrade tournament items. (Is this too far fetched?)
  14. Repost from the thread in which this notion came up in the patch notes forum: If I'm wrong about something here, please enlighten me. Sounds reasonable. Perhaps when Trendy finally decides to store the data on the server side, it could bring more light to this suggestion.
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