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  1. Well that is weird, me and my friend received our presents after we first played the game.
  2. I'm surprised some people took my post too seriously. Curiosity brought them here, but it doesn't help answer my questions.. With all due respect, the game is great and we didn't regret buying it. The major problem for us is that we kept disconnecting from Ranked and Open. We had to switch to gamespy to play locally.
  3. So me and my friend decided to buy Dungeon Defenders and the complete 4 DLCs a few days ago. Little did we know there was gonna be a 50% discount the next day after we bought it. We could've bought the 4 Dungeon Defenders Pack. So we got really really really really mad. Well since the discount is still on, we might convince our friend to buy it. Oh and when is the Lost Eternia DLC part 2 coming out? How many new campaign maps are there gonna be in the whole Lost Eternia DLC pack? (Excluding challenges) Thanks in advance, Nikolai. We still mad :apprentice: AEEEEYUOOOOO.
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