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  1. Alright. So after changing it to old it says the files might be unusable. So i get that?
  2. Granted, but your characters are always fixed to one spot and cannot deal any damage. I wish for the ability of telekinesis. Granted. But you can only grab trash. I wish I had unlimited money.
  3. Why is it that when there's something you don't understand, There are very few admins on that gives minimal amount of help? Yes. I'm only asking this because there's something I don't get and when I asked a admin that was online logged off after I asked what am I suppose to do.
  4. How do I change that one from .exe to .old?
  5. I ran as administrator, Defragment Cache Files, Verify Integrity of Game Cache, and I even uninstall and reinstall. Nothing is working for me :/ Edit: I even done the -tcp and still nothing :/
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