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  1. My attempt was on alchy lab, forgot to say that. I used app towers and covered every entrance with a barriers. I can just say that everything was up when it happened (monitored the DUs) and no one was even near the crystal As I said the crystal had half HP left. Even if an arrow somehow hit the crystal it wouldnt have dealt that much damage.
  2. I just made a Nightmare survival Mixed Mode game until the crystal exploded in the middle of wave 18 with half of its HP left for no-freaking-reason...I mean there wasn't a mob even close to it. This is absolutely ridiculous and has to be fixed immediately! Sorry for the demanding speech but playing for hours just to fail for no reason makes me angry... Do something...please...
  3. Hey, as stated in the title...This really needs to be fixed ! It is hard enough as a melee to encounter the nightmare ogres due to the fact that they one/two-hit me (I know you can always get better gear but you have to start somewhere and this problem concerns every melee) but this makes it ridiculous harder... You just cannot play tactical against those guys...You run towards them, hit them 2 or 3 times and jump away to avoid the damage. When they have smacked their club on the ground trying to hit you, you run towards them again to deal some damage, thinking you can hit him again 3
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