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  1. I stopped playing, the only way this game is going to recover is a complete rebalance + wipe off all characters, and then them actually utilizing the ban policy. Banning everyone will also ruin the game. So wiping, and starting over is really the only way. They need to fix the game before wiping though or it'll just be the same ol' crap. I don't expect them to wipe the game, because 99% of people would be pissed... so I really don't expect to play this game anymore. Haven't launched it in over 3 weeks, and don't plan to. I only come here to check for updates.
  2. I wish people would stop using the term "lag" when what they really mean is "performance issues." "Lag" in computers specifically refers to high latency in communications between one device and the next. It does NOT refer to getting a low framerate due to high CPU or GPU load. If it's the former, call it lag. If it's the latter, don't. While I agree that people should use the right term, the right term IS being used here. If you read the thread you would see that. I get 60FPS, and lag in only misty. Same as my friend. It's unplayable rubberbanding all over the place. Repair.. nothing happens
  3. I can confirm misty lags, as me and my friend have both tested this theory. We both are running with around 20-30Mbps up and our pings while in-game are sitting at 40, therefore indicating that it has nothing to do with latency. Our best guess at this point is that somewhere in the code for misty, trendy has memory leaks, thus causing the lag. Would be interesting to hear from trendy and see what they have to say. Same misty is unplayable for us.. every other map no problem. I'm talking lag as in characters are just jumping around and running in place.
  4. Wait till you see godly armors 150-180^, much better than any myth same ^... To bad it would break your 30% myth set bonus.. making it a very bad choice.
  5. Search the forums.. this has been posted hundreds of times. Invite him via steam, you can't see servers from other countries.
  6. Did you seriously just make a thread to link to another thread? This is pointless. Nightmare is only hard at the beginning before you get the gear, and at the end after you maxed out in HC Misty gear. Survival is what needs balanced, the rest is fine.
  7. I stopped playing because of nightmare hardcore, which is the only place I can get upgrades from now. Spiders bug out after you die, and 90% of the deaths are one shot by ninjas or a ogre fire ball from halfway across the map. It has nothing to do with skill, it's 100% luck on what mobs target you. I can stand on top of a crystal and still be one shot by a ninja. This is with the best gear you can get from HC misty campaign. Survival HC is just a joke right now, and isn't even worth putting time into. You are going to get one shot soon or later and wipe, well before you start getting upgrades.
  8. That weapon doesn't even have 50% of the stats possible. You can get legit 252^+ weapons with way more base stats than that. I've seen plenty drop. If your concerned with all stats being the same, i've had about 10 or so items drop like that. Most are +99 to all stats, and it seems to only happen in HC misty. It's not hacked, but I think there is a item generation bug going on. Either way, that item is not 'overpowered' or anywhere near max for "legit items".
  9. Lesson learned here is don't buy games for console if they are out for PC. This really should be common knowledge by now, this has happened with hundreds of games over the last few years. This is not trendy's fault, but rather the cost of doing business with the companies that own the consoles. This is bypassed on PC. Console games are almost always inferior in many ways to their PC version. PC Gaming has always been the best 'platform' for gamers wanting the most out of their games. Mods, More DLC, tweaking, the ability to run games at true 1080p and higher (99% of console games run at 720p
  10. How could you even ask what is BiS in this game.. all loot is clearly randomly generated.... there is no BiS unless you somehow find a staff with all stats you want, with max value the game allows on all of them. Which is about a 1 in a billion chance, almost 99.9% of these are hacked.
  11. It's already like this, except ontop of this, there's additional monsters. You missed the point. I agree with post. Surv takes too long, and this is coming from someone who has the time to play games 6-10hrs a day. It's just not fun to kill 7,000->8,000 mobs a wave. I think 2,000 mobs per wave is a good solid line. Maybe up it to 3,000 for wave 20+. Just make mobs get a little stronger per wave, more so than they already do. I've actually quit the game (took a break) because of this. After farming HC Misty, theres no where left for me to go that doesnt take 6 hours investment, and
  12. You do know nightmare has not acutally come out. It's beta until 3 more DLCs come out...Sadly its a weird beta where you keep what you get. Yeah, but honestly.. who doesn't have access to nightmare mode? Very few people. They can use that as a cheap excuse of "early access", and claim that nightmare isn't scheduled to be released until the 4th DLC for the expansion is released, which is probably 2-3 months away? I don't see them fixing the mechanics. Upgrading 220^ Armor and 250^ weapons is just insanely time consuming, annoying, and requires more than the 2b mana cap. I know lots of peop
  13. Shes impossible for us. I have 700/1500/700/700 stats on my App, and my friend does 1mil dps on target dummy. Incredibly overgeared. Even when we stun her and she's vulnerable, he hits her for 8k. We manage to survive about 2 minutes after boss spawns before towers are just completely destroyed by the huge number of mobs. We've yet to get her below 99% and we can beat the map (minus her) on hardcore with EASE.
  14. It's still only going to be entry mythicals. Which have about 10% of the stats of end game mythicals...
  15. The problem is the survival part not the hardcore part. Survival is a very badly designed game mode that is incredibly boring for a long period of time. They may as well call it uber snore fest. If you can get anywhere near wave 25 then the first 4+ hours of survival are going to be pure boredom. Yup, survival is boring and it's sad it's the only way to get the best gear. Hardcore only adds to this boredom because you are forced to pretty much stand in your base and jump around to avoid dying. Even with invis, ninjas see through it. 32k HP and max resist and by Wave 15 ninjas still one sh
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