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  1. i really hope this will be a big eye opener for them
  2. exactly, misty broken weapons, moraggo good dlc/patch, aqaunos came out early got hopes up then its broken then this epic patch/dlc comes out and we think this is gunna change everything and we dont get the weapons :'( we dont even know if insane+ is as good as they say. i seen the lab boss with 6 mill health and thats not much at all it will take me like 3 secs to kill it.
  3. really disapointed in all this patch talk. iv never seen such a sad community before...
  4. ok everyone saying they will freez playing any DLC maps ok just think insane+ is coming out with the new patch and to do insane+ they would have to have the new patch and what eles is coming out with the patch the PS3 freezing problem so if they have the patch installed they wont have to worry about freezing.. im not 100% sure on this, im not saying im right but thats jut my thought on it
  5. sorry but not possible and btw i like how now no matter where somethings posted the topic of bacon is brought up one way or another its awesome :') its cause bacon makes the world go around! :p
  6. can i eat bacon and try my best not to enjoy it would that count?
  7. there's a lot of talk about getting better items by doing certain things but its all random, i guess you got lucky at the right time!
  8. its unfortunet people have to do that to others but just trade smart and at your own risk!
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