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  1. I was hoping for first a good definition of what makes a weapon flawed or a gem. Which are the most important stats? Judging by how people price items, the only important stat is the number of upgrades, which sounds ridiculous as everyone says upgrades get expensive fast. Is there a chart of cost per upgrade level for mythic items somewhere?
  2. Ok, so I've been looking in to getting a nice Ranger weapon. What are the important stats? I would think the attack rate would matter as the more often it attacks the better even if the attack is low, but is that the way it works, or does it take the amount of damage and just divide it between all the shots?
  3. Any idea what the price on a good Myth weapon with 200^+ should be? I've been having issues even finding one in the shops, I just keep finding a few Myth with ~40^ or so. I have plenty of cash, I just can't seem to find them for sale.
  4. I've got 2 chars at 72 and I'm planning to buy Mythical equipment and upgrade it like crazy. What I'd like to know, is for a DPS Ranger, what should I put points in to? From what I've seen, to continue I will need much more than 55k dps, and possibly higher resistances. What are the caps on Hero stats gained from equipment, if any? Also, what are the caps on equipment stats such as resistances? Is dumping mana in to boosting resistances worth it, why or why not? Which resistances would be most beneficial for Nightmare runs? Should I be dumping points in to something else instead? If this information is somewhere, please point me in the right direction as the wiki is outdated and/or sorely lacking in details. Regards, Razmeth
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